What kind of maintenance on an anchor windlass????

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Feb 24, 2006
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Solomons Island, MD
Toasted a Lewmar Horizon 500 anchor windlass on Friday night (see the post in the projects area).

What kind of maintenance needs to be done on an electric windlass? Other than cleaning the outside, I've never done anything. They look like a sealed unit (no grease zerks).
danielb":1g0xibgz said:
What do mean by toasted?
Maintainance is in the owners manual, how to clean and grease them.

I have the manual (downloaded pdf), and it simply states to wash it off with fresh water and disassemble and grease. There are no instructions on how to disassemble, where to grease, what grease to use, etc. My manual appears to assume that you either already know what you are doing, or it is being done by a marina/dealer shop.