When is everyone going to the CBBT?

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Feb 23, 2006
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Isle of Palms, SC/Fairfax, VA
I know on the other (more fishing) forum there will be a lot of talk about the CBBT in Nov/Dec. I am looking at the calendar now to see which weekends to trailer down.

Who on Classic Parker is planning their CBBT trips? I know Porkchunker Dave is. How about Ranger Tim? Sure like to meet some more of you.

Hey, Kevin and anyone else who is perma-slipped, you up for some CBBT HO time?

We could even have the Yankees come down! They could re-catch a cow they released next week. :lol:
I am planning a trip with gw204 (Brian) for Dec 1&2. I hope to have to bend them to get into the fish box again this year :p
I'm towing the Diamond down to Norfolk on Wed, 22 Nov, fishing her the 24th and 25th, fishing with Walleye Pete (probably on his boat) on the 26th, and leaving her down there with a friend. Will go back on 6 Dec and fish through 12 Dec. I'm going to leave her down there and try to get back for an trip in Jan along the VA/NC coast. In other words...I'm pigging out this year. Oink, oink. :D :D :D

Wild card right now is when to get her serviced and put away under a winter cover. :( :( :(
Anyone looking for someone to share expenses, I would like to go. Send me a bmail before I use up the rest of my vacation days.

I'll be making day trips on a regular basis about once or twice a week starting in mid December, depending on the reports. I went yesterday afternoon to the HRBT and caught stripers in the 20-24 inch class the entire six hours I was anchored there. We got to the point where we were experimenting to see how much of a Gotcha shad and jig head we really needed to use in order to trigger a strike. Answer? Only 1/2 inch of the plastic needed to remain on the jig head! We probably caught and released over a hundred fish, mostly stripers. The lure of choice was Windcheaters. I kept four linesiders for the table, along with a nice mess of blues.

There was one fish caught with some sea lice so it won't be long before the migrant fish begin to show up. The cows are usually here during Christmas and stay around the Capes until mid Jan. when they move to the NC Outer Banks.

I would love to meet some of you at the ramps or even take you out with me if you're interested. I love the striper season. It is the only season I fish and is the reason I bought a Parker. Yesterday was really snotty, but the pilot house made the ride a comfortable experience. It is funny to hear my buddies rave to other people about how the Parker is "far and away the best rig for this time of year."

You'll see me down there as noted above. B-mail me with your phone numbers and I'll give you a hollar...maybe we can link up. I've got radar on the Diamond, so I often stay out at the CBBT until 10:00 or 12:00 PM. Fishing under the lights can be a blast.
As I lay around the house wondering when my back will be well enough to take my boat out.......

Thanksgiving is the usual time when things start to pick up. Mostly small fish right now but lots of them when they are biting.

Please consider this an open invitation... work schedule permiting.... diner at my place....

Not sure if I'll even make it down to the CBBT this year... :cry:

The Admiral has my weekends pretty well scheduled, but I'm hoping to make it down to the Cape Charles area for at least one weekend.
If I take her with me, she can fish... or she can shop while I fish. Win/Win either way! :D

I typically take the Megabyte south to Deale to winter over in the Tri-State storage lot the first week of December.
Putting together my "winter project list" and collecting parts now... :)
Most guys are starting to put the boats away when I am just getting geared up! The CBBT is my first target when the big fish start to show. I hook the larger fish first around the rocks on the islands, then find them trolling between the bridges. I try to keep fishing until the ramps ice over. The ramp at Rudee stays pretty clear and I've broken thin rime ice on the way out of Owl Creek many times. The ocean front is a great area for cruising during the ocean season (Jan-Feb). Winds from any direction except N through SE are blocked by the land mass, making for good fishing conditions on all but the windiest days. Cape Henry can become a washing machine so I generally run out of Rudee anytime after New Year's.

Porkchunker, I'll be looking for you down there. Was that you I sent info to? Anyone else up for a Classic Parker "hog" striper regatta? Late November should be a good opportunity to get into some early fish coming down the coast, especially if the weather turns cold and STAYS that way.

I usually see three or four other folks with Parkers out of Lynnhaven or Little Creek. I don't talk much on the VHF, mainly because I don't know anyone down there, but I also don't like to get caught up in the trash talk that is so prevalent. I like to fish, not spend my time seeing who can be the most offensive on the airwaves.

Generally the winter season has mostly hardcore, respectful fishermen on the water. I stay away from the Oregon Inlet crowd and the peak times at the Rudee ramp, specifically to avoid the craziness and helter-skelter. I make mistakes when I'm rushed when launching and retrieving. A few extra minutes of thorough attention keeps my hull virtually scratch free. I can launch in three and retrieve in about seven. Most of the guys around are patient and polite, but there are a few that don't care - they are the ones that have beaten their boats to a pulp, and are usually screaming at a buddy or spouse.

Where did all of this come from? I am looking forward to another season of fish worship and relish the pull of that first 40+ inch striper. WOOHOO!


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Ranger...you don't look too different than I do. Pic attached.

BTW, where did you get the handle "Ranger?" I spent about 18 months in the First Ranger Battalion at Hunter Army Air Field in Savannah, GA back in the late 70s. I wanted to use that handle, but it seems to be a bit crowded. :D :D :D


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I'm a Camp Ranger for the Scouts. Everybody knows me as Ranger Tim 'round here. Nothin' to do with the bass boat company or the Army. I wanted to call my boat "Parker Ranger" but SWMBO didn't like it that much. Probably just as well - too many ranger type boat names out there.

My boat sits in plain view of the parking lot here at camp. I'm continually stopped by guys that are out here camping with their kids, who want to talk about Parkers.

I love my job with the Scouts - the kids are great... the problems are always with the parents!
Holiday Inn is booked solid for Dec 1&2. Brian and I will be staying in the cockroach inn down the road :lol:

Here is what we brought home from the CBBT last year, a 40" and 43" ( fish look a little washed out as the Photo taken after we got home. I can never remember to bring a camera fishing)..


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The water looks too calm behind you for the CBBT.. Capt Tom Hughes captured well what I remember from last year:


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We'll take the Hemi unless you dont want to... I loved waking up the whole eastern shore last year :lol:
Dave and Tim look like twin sons of different mothers. :mrgreen:

Nice poodle-fish Greg. :)

That pic was from the area So. of the BB a couple of Springs back.

The shot of the swells and chop at the CBBT, looks more normal for Nov/Dec. Try running that at night under radar from the High Rise back to LCNAB...what a ride!!!!

Last year I had one guy on board who had a death grip on the bars that hold up the hard-top. He dangled about 20' of fly line over the side, with one hand on the bars, and one hand on the rod...and outcaught the rest of us. :D :D :D When the chop comes up in mid-Bay, he is oft heard saying "this is nothing compared to that afternoon at the CBBT."