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Feb 23, 2006
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Cape St Claire, Maryland
Esteemed fellow Parker owners,
I have a Hahaha 200 OX-66 and I have been using Yamalube dispite the high cost. Figured it was cheap inssurance. I also use RingFree cause I figure it's moderately priced insurance. But I was just SHOCKED to see the new Yamalube prices in my neck of the woods. $25/gallon and $63 for the 2.5 gallon container. Last season I paid $38 for the 2.5 gallon yamalube container. They told me the price of Yamalube and RingFree has gone up 18-22% and they have to increase their prices. I don't know if I want to pay these inflated prices or if I'll switch to lower priced brand of TC-W3. What sayith my fellow Parker owners with Hahaha 2-cycle engines???
I used Yamalube for my first year-and-a-half, then switched to Penzoil full synthetic.
Yamalube is a semi-synthetic TCW3 oil and Penzoil makes a semi-syn TCW3 oil as well as the full syn TCW3.

I switched to full synthetic to reduce smoke at startup, and also because I do a lot of trolling. Big block Yamahas running 5 or 6 hours at 800 rpm need all the help they can get. Thats why I switched to full syn.

I also use Ringfree at the rate of 1 ounce per 10 gallons of fuel, and do so for every fill-up.

After having my motor serviced last season and getting the report from my dealer (very favorable), I'm convinced that regular doses of Rinfree are a good thing.
My 1997 225 OX66 has never run as good as it did last season. :wink:

How does the cost of the Penzoil full synthetic compare with Yamalube?

-- Tom
Tom, Its been quite some time since I've bought Yamalube, so I don't know what the current price is. I generally buy 2 cases of oil at the beginning of each season and that generally lasts me until I have to buy the next season.

Penzoil semi-syn TCW3 is going for $39.09 for a case of 4, 1gal containers
Penzoil full-syn TCW3 is going for $77.19 for a case of 4, 1gal containers at:


If the Yamalube semi-syn is working well for you, you could save some real money by using Penzoils semi-syn blend.

I haven't found a substitute for Ringfree, so I use it liberally and religiously. :wink:
Esteemed fellow Parker owners,
I found some Yamalube at last seasons prices, but; it won't last long. At $25/gallon for Yamalube I'm going to try the Penzoil full synthetic. With a 100 gallon fuel tank, that's a lot of RingFree at about $1.00 ounce and 1 ounce/5 gallons. :cry:
TimC2520":vo728wwz said:
When you switched to Pennzoil, did you pump the Yamalube out? Run it near dry or can you mix the two?

Mixed them and could not tell the difference between the two.
I retired from civil service about three years ago and went to work part-time at my local West Marine. Because I was able to get their TCW3 dirt cheap, that is what I have used exclusively in my carbureted 150. They claim it is superior to Yamalube in various tests. I now have 650 hours and I guess only time will tell how it holds up. Since then, I bought a service station and became an Amsoil dealer. I have just ordered four gallons of their synthetic TCW3. I'm a fanatic about synthetic for my cars, but I have no idea how it performs in a 2-stroke.
Esteemed fellow Parker owners
I checked my bottle of RingFree and it is 1 ounce/5 gal for continuous treatment and 2oz/5 gal for shock treatment :( MoMoneyMoMoneyMoMoney
The bottle of Ringfree I bought yesterday listed 2oz. per 10 gal. maintenance dose. It was $31.95 for a quart at Ed's marine in Ashland, Va. A small bottle (less than a pint) was $12.95 - it used to be $8.95 at the same location. Ed's has been outrageous on Yamaha 4 stroke oil for a long while at $8.95 per qt. I have been getting it at my dealer (Mid Atlantic Marine) in Warsaw for less than $5 per qt. since I bought the boat in '04.

I have seen Yamaha 2 stroke oil in West Marine lately, don't remember the price.
I just ordered 6 quarts of Ringfree from Shipboard Island Marine (SIM) so I'll let you know what the most recent label directions say when it arrives.

The label on last years bottle said 1 oz per 10 gals of fuel for an everyday 'maintenance' dose, and 1 oz per 1 gal as a shock dose.

I just bought 2 cases of the full synthetic Penzoil for the season rather than paying through the nose for Yamalube. Since my motor is a 1997, I'm not worried about warranty, but I am concerned with using good oil.

Here are your choices:

Penzoil full-synthetic TCW3 is $77.19 for a case of 4 gallons ($19.30 per gallon) at

Penzoil semi-synthetic TCW3 (same as Yamalube) is $39.09 for a case of 4 gallons ($9.77 per gallon) if you'd prefer that.
esteemed fellow parker owners,
I won a case of Ansoil Synthetic in a fishing contest and use it last season with no problems that I am aware of. When I ran out I went back to Yamalube. Found a source of yamalube at last season's prices $36.50 for the 2.5 gallon container. Got 3 of them and intend to get more if there is any left.