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Feb 16, 2006
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Newbury, MA
We are here because we either own, have owned, or want to own a Parker boat!

For many years I had pictures of the '92 Parker sport cabin that I had restored up on the old PilotHouses.org website, that Bill Milligan started. Due to job and family changes, he could no longer support that endeavor. Then "online", I met many other Parker owners on the message forums that Parker Marine hosted. They allegedly abandoned their forums after too many complaints from dealers about "dealer issues, pricing, and related practices".

With no place to go, many of us migrated over to The Hull Truth and I myself probably steered almost 2 dozen Parker owners over there. We Parker owners didn't have a “home” of our own until Buddy started the Yahoo group for Parker owners.

So ... I finally reached the point where I have been longing to establish a community forum for Parker owners long enough. Here it is, a place to share pictures of your pride & joy vessels and rigging tips, plus I wanted good forum software that used typical "thread" type of posting features. I had also envisioned having forums that allowed picture uploading to our server, but alas, that will have to be added at a later future date.


  • 1) Please keep topics and discussion specific to Parker boats. For general boating questions, I urge you to read and support The Hull Truth and many other boating forum pages.
    2) No political content that is not directly boating related is allowed.
    3) Off-topic posts and off-color language or posts will be deleted.
    4) Please respect the opinion of others. If you differ on a point – agree to disagree – but stay away from intentional attacks that flame another poster.
    5) Remember that “tone” is sometimes inferred in a post that was not intended by the original poster. Let’s be kind to each other … and talk Parkers!
    6) We only want VALUE-ADDED input and participation. If you want to goof around and flame others, please go to other boating sites. You do not belong here!
    7) Lastly, in case it's needed ...

    * I don't care who starts ... I don't care who irks whom.
    * If you don't like another's opinion - ignore it.
    * If someone calls you out - report it.
    * If you intentionally tweak someone - your post will be deleted.
    * Offenders will be warned once - and permanently yanked after the 2nd occasion WITHOUT notice.
As this site gathers traffic and begins to grow, we will slowly add more features … just remember that this is a “hobby” and not my full-time job ... so be patient.

*** This site is in no way sponsored by, affiliated with, or related to Parker Marine ***

Thank you for reading this!

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