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Mar 6, 2006
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Outer Banks, NC
This Boat has sat just like this for around four years. The hydaulic's went out on the motor trim and instead of putting it in the shop the owner just let it sit. There are pine trees growing in this boat and it is about as perfect hull as you'll find(no soft spots at all, solid as a rock). A couple of us have been talking about buying it and restoring it because it would be an easy one. Someone at the marina said the owner would take 15 grand for it. I'd give him 5,000 just to get it off his lazy ass hands!!!!
We have been trying to figure out what type hull it is/ any ideas?? no markings at all. Mako? Sea Ray? Shamrock?


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I was going to say a Northcoast too! Maybe an older Formula? Seabird?
One thing for sure is the owner has never checked on this boat (could care less) and the batteries have got to be dead, But she still floats like there nothing in the beige. I can see this boat with a bracket and a hell of a fish box in the transon. Also if it helps: every opening in the deck is round, but every latch is broken so I can’t see any writing “on the wall” so too speak. Bryan, I'll try and take a picture from the front so you can see the hull better.
names are new to me. We just keep getting pissed off everytime we walk pass this boat! lol what a waste
take a look at the hin# in the upper port quarter of the transom, then we will know for sure