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Feb 23, 2006
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Gloucester, MA
Recently my anchor line jammed while feeding through my windless. It seems to kink up. The rope is three years old. Anyone have any suggestions on how to prevent this from happening?

It's probably twisted. Do you have a swivel between the anchor and the chain? That can help eliminate any twist and also serve as a way to help untwist the line.

I do know of a friend with a windlass who uses it often who often sets another anchor off the bow once a season or so (dependent on use) and unhooks the main anchor off the windlass and lets the rode out into the current to untwist.
Dale, yes I have swivel and plenty of chain. Rode is getting stiff, I'm thinking this is part of the problem.
Up here we sock our rodes in fresh water mixed with fabric softener to soften them out ...
I used to have the same problem. When dropping the anchor, the rode would jam up and I would have to try to acces the knot from the anchor locker door in the cabin - major pain. I read somewhere that the vertical style windlass imparts a twist to the rope and if the drop into the anchor locker is not sufficient, can cause this kinking problem. When I replaced the windlass, I went with the horizontal Maxwell. I also replaced the anchor line with 300' of 1/2" eight plait style line. While this line is somewhat expensive, it is very limp and takes up much less space in the locker. Never had a jam since.
Good Luck.