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May 24, 2006
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East Setauket, NY
Hello Gentlemen,
I was searching the site for some ideas on winterizing my 200 HPDI Yamaha, however I was unable to locate any. I was in a marine store today and the clerk said that locals were filling the fuel filter with 2 cycle oil, mystery oil, and stabilizer. Any of you guys have some ideas, or be able to direct me to a previous article that was written, I would appreiecate it. Thanks a million.
There is too much disinformation out there on winterizing... :cry:

#1. Treat the fuel.
Treat the fuel in the tank with fuel stabilizer... StaBil, Store&Start, or whatever you like.
Put Ringfree and whatever else you like in it, but then run it long enough that it gets circulated through the motor.

#2. With the boat still in the water, remove the motor cowling and the carb/TBI cowl, and expose the air intakes.
Start the motor, and spray fogging oil into all of the carbs/throttle bodies liberally... If the motor stalls, you're done. If not, continue until almost all of the fogging oil in your can is gone, then shut the motor down.

#3. Pull the boat and flush the motor if you have a flush port (with the motor OFF) to make sure the engine passages are clean.

#4. Remove the sparkplugs and shoot some fogging oil into each cylinder.
Replace the plugs.

#5. Drain the lower unit oil, taking notice to its condition. If it is dark, it is OK... but if it looks like a chocolate milkshake, it is an indication that you have water intrusion into the lower unit, and need to have it serviced by an authorized technician.

#6. If the lower unit oil is OK, replace it by pumping new fluid into the lower oil drain hole until it comes out the top hole.
Replace the top drain screw (with a new gasket), and then the lower drain plug (with a new gasket), and you are done.

#7. Remove the prop, and grease the prop shaft before replacing the prop.
If you decide to keep the prop off the motor for the winter, grease the shaft and leave it. It should be fine for the winter. :wink:

That is it. You're winterized. :)
Good advice on the motor. But don't forget to winterize the fresh water tank and pump and the raw water washdown pump (if you have them).

For the fresh water tank, I disconnect any hoses, pump it empty and toss in 2 gal of the pink non-toxic RV antifreeze. Then run the pump until pink stuff starts flowing from the hose connector. Done

For the raw water washdown pump, I disconnect any hoses and then disconnect the input hose at the pump. I then attach a 3' section of hose to the pump. I bought a spare screw-on connector for my Surflow Blaster Pro, attached it to the 3' section of hose, so I simply remove the hose from the bilge thru-hull and attach my hose. I stick that hose into a jug of the pink antifreeze and turn on the pump until the pink stuff flows from the output connector. Remove the 3' section of hose and reattach the one coming from the bilge. Done. If you want to clean out the in-line filter ahead of the pump that would be an extra step.
Good point Dave. I don't have a fresh water tank, so I didn't consider that.

However, before I take the boat to Deale for the winter lay-up, I do toss several gallons of the pink antifreeze in the bilge before the ride down. The antifreeze sloshes around mixing with any water in there, and the bilge pumps pump it out, 'winterizing' them too. Probably not required, but I do it just-in-case. :)
Thanks for the information Kevin. It just so happens that while I was making the rounds today I was able to speak with my Yamaha Mechanic. He told be to remove the prop and run in forward as only 4 cyclinders run on the HPDI while in neautral. When in forward all 6 run. He did stress Stablizer. I have been having a problem locating a 12 volt fuel pump. He sent me to Pep Boys, and sure enough it was there for $33 dollars. I plan on emptying all fuel from the boat, and use it in my car. A seprate 6 (complete with stabilzer and ring free)gallon tank I plan on hooking up to the fuel line just before motors interenal filters. In the spring I'm going to run 15 gallons of fresh gas with stailazer thru the tank, but not the motor. That goes in the car also. Then I'll fill the boat tank for the beginning of the season. Thanks again for the help. Tom