Woody Wax..... What do you use it for?

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Mar 22, 2006
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Franktown, Virginia 23354
Well after all the talk and discussion I ordered some Woody Wax the other day.....

Yesterday I treated the non-skid surfaces....today I will hopefully try it out and spill some tog blood and maybe some flounder on it to see how well it works.

What else do you use it for? Metal? Electrical connections?

So far I'm impressed with it. Despite the high up front cost I believe I only used about 15 sprays for the complete non-skid application which looks like according to some will last 3 months.


When done properly it should not make the deck any slicker than normal.....

I had no fish today to test the finish but bait parts and marks hosed off easily this afternoon.

I did a test spot with a lot of the wax and that is very slippery.

Applying it properly is the key. The old saying, "A little goes a long way" is absolutely true with Woody Wax. Put too much on and you'll have a slippery mess!

Wash the boat, and while everything is wet, spritz some Woodys on your applicator brush... then swab the boat down. Do the non-skid, do the stainless railings, do the aluminum, do the rub-rail...

Once you've coated everything, rinse everything thouroughly... then squeegee or towel dry (non-skid can be left wet after rinsing). Give the gelcoat a little buff and you are done!

It does work.
And yes... spray Woodys on your electrical contacts and they will not corrode. :wink: