WTB 250hp Yamaha/Mercury EFI 30inch

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Sep 1, 2006
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Long Island, NY

I was wonder if anyone was thinking about repowering with DFI/Four stroke power and wanted to sell their EFI engine. I am looking for 1998 and newer engine. I will also consider 225hp 30 inch engine or 25 inch Mercurys because I can always get a spacer. I am redoing a 25ft Bertram and am going with a single OB. Thanks.
I don't have an OB for sale, but I had a 25 Bertram for a few years. It's a great boat.
Mine had twin 4 cyl Volvo outdrives 130HP each and power was marginal. Cruise was about 20 kts and top end about 25 kts. Slow but very good on gas.
A single 250 hp OB would probably be better because of the lighter weight but still no speed demon IMO. Most days 20 kts was all you could use on the ocean but on those really nice days a bit more speed would have been nice.
I always thought if I converted mine to OB I'd use something like twin 150-175 HP on a bracket. Should give a bit more speed and have the twin power reliability.