XL starboard companionseat storage door

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While confined to the pilothouse due to the weather and looking for some thing to do inside, I remembered one of my pet peeves and Waynesworld's solution to the problem. That door has the hinge on the bottom, making it neccessary to support the door on the top of your head while reaching inside. What were they thinking when they came up with that? Wayne told me he just turned the door upside down with the hinge on the bottom and solved the problem in about five minutes. Screw holes lined up perfectly. Thanks Wayne. :wink:
I did the same thing :) to the door on my companion seat/storage box ... that you can just barely see in the extreme lower-LH side of this picture below. I also put the hinge on the bottom on that other one (goes into the top of the storage compartment) that's next to the galley. Makes it easy to get "always used" things out of there without the person on the seat having to get up.