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Feb 25, 2006
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Pa, Fl keys
I have a 2520 xl (2004) with a 225 yahama 4 stroke. Does anyone have any performance data on that boat with the 225. I have checked the yahama site to no avail. Have fished the boat all winter in the florida Keys and it is the best boat I have ever had. I am just trying to get max performance at the mystery rpm. Thanks for your help delidon
Did you see this one for a mod-V? Click here.

I know the 16-degree XL weighs a touch more ... but regardless, this will tell you 2 things: (1) let you know that the best RPM for cruising is 4000 RPMs (same as on my '92 with a 225hp OMC OB) and (2) gives you a ballpark on your expected performance.
I had a 25MV and at 4000 rpms I got 27 kts. I currently have the same boat as you, powered the same. I have to turn 45-4600 rpms to get 24-25 kt. cruise. At 4000 rpms, it's kind of a slug. (IMO) No complaints, just what I get. What has been your experience in regards to my numbers?
http://classicparker.com/phpBB2/viewtop ... highlight=

The above link has some pictures that will help......

I have a 2004 2520XL with an F225 and a Yamaha 9.9 high thrust kicker.....a fair amount of gear.... and I rarely run with less than 100 gallons of gas on board.

With the factory prop (15 X 19) Roughly speaking....... 4400 rpm 25 -27 mph 11 to 12 gph or 2.5 mpg

I've just installed a Stilleto SS 14.25 X 17 to increase my WOT RPM closer to what everyone says it should be........ (with the standard prop it was 5300..... should be closer to 5600)

Yesterday I was out with 4 big guys on the boat and about a 120 gallon load I was hitting 25 mph at around 5000........... WOT rpm was about 5700 to 5800 To run about 25 mph I was running at 5000 rpm.... fuel consumption was about the same. I'm not real happy right now with the new prop.......

....... don't know why...... maybe because in my mind cruising at a comfortable 25 mph should be at a lower rpm.

Today I'll get the boat back out with just 2 on board and check out my numbers again.

Stay tuned.
to esfishdoc, out today fishing and checked some of my numbers. Seems my speed is similar to yours, 4400 rpm, about 26-27 mph in a light chop. Boat was fully loaded with gear, 2 people, about 120 gals fuel and of course full of dolphin we caught (no fooling) Dont have fuel management so unable to check other numbers, but trolled for 4 hours and barely moved the gas guage. As I said in my first post, I have had several dv cc and this boat has it hands down for fishing in the Florida Keys. Thanks for the info. delidon


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