yamaha 250 flushing?

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hyper striper

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Feb 28, 2006
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ludlow mass
i have a 2006 yamaha 250 4 stroke on my 23 ft parker that i trailer, think ive been making amastake when flushing after use,been flushing with the garden hose atachment off the motor and runnin the motor for ten minutes at the same time, read in manual that you should not run motor on the hose atachment, motor never overheated or the alarm never went off .did this all last season about 20 trips, plan on changing water pump and tremastat this spring. do i have to run motor off ear muffs when flushing?then hook hose up and flush motor head out with motor not runnin? please give me some feed back thanks shawn from ludlow ma
One or the other. Run 'em with the muffs, or don't run 'em and use the attachments. When on the trailer, I run them to flush the water pumps an lower unit passages as well. When wet slipped I use the attachements.
I never flush with the motor running or with the muffs. Use the hose attachment.

I've got 410 hours on the original water pump.

Never run the motor off of the garden hose connector. That is used to flush an engine (without it running) after each use in salt water. Always use muffs or a large barrel when running the motor to test it or winterize it and keep the RPM's down.
I like the large barrel idea, and so does my mechanic. I think it is the safest and most effient way to flush.