Yamaha F225 Waterpump ... smoked!

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Apr 17, 2006
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Waretown, NJ
Here is a pic of the waterpump housing off of my new (new to me) 2003 2520XL/F225. Upon sea-trial, she overheated at idle. We figured it just needed a new pump. I've been reading about these things melting.

Sorry if the pics don't show. I'm working on putting them somewhere else.


Yep, it melted and the melted plastic was obstructing the water outlet. I I posted a thread on THT about it. But I'm still having issues posting these damn pics. I think I got it now. Let me know.


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Never seen that before. :shock:
Do you run the motor on the hose, or is the boat in the water?
I've read some posts related to this issue. Seems like some others have had similar problems.

I just got the boat last Saturday so I first decided to change the pump and t-stats. When I took her for a sea-trial 2 weeks ago, she overheated at the ramp when we were waiting for the trailer with the engine at idle. The previous owner never changed the waterpump, as evident by the factory paint still on the boilts.

I don't plan on running it off the hose much. My experience with Yam's is that they don't do well on a garden hose.