Zinc Trim Adjustment (bottom of cavitation plate)Replacement

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Mar 7, 2006
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Windmill Point, VA
What strength and type of Lock-Tite should I use on the bolt and nut when I replace the zinc trim adjustment anode under the cavitation plate. Do I use the marine epoxy or another type that will hold, but still allow future removal? I am not familiar with using Lock-tite and I don't want to use something that will be so strong that I can't make a future replacement.
Tom, the Riverwatcher
I think I found the right product now. It appears as if Permatex Threadlock in medium strength (Blue) is the way to go.
Tom, the Riverwatcher
I've never used anything but OMC blue-synthetic & waterproof grease (called "Triple Guard"), on any bolt on any of the lower units I've owned for the last 35+ years boating and I've never had one thing anywhere on an OB become untorqued ...
Got to admit that I never used anything on mine. :oops:
Never had an issue either. :)

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