Zincs on Armstrong Motor Bracket ?

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Feb 24, 2006
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Sol Cal
I am woundering how ofton any of you guys with the Armstrong bracket have needed to replace that zinc on the bracket and did you have to take the boat out of the water to replace ? I have not removed mine yet and am woundering if once the screw is removed that hold on the zinc, is it an open bolt hole into the inside of the motor bracket ?
I find that particular zinc doesn't wear down that much, but yes, I do remove mine annually - when out of the water. I think I'll be going on 4 years with the same zinc. And I can't keep zincs on my trim tabs, 3" rudder zincs don't make the year ... too much stray current in the river.

I sand the zinc so it is fresh, bright metal. I'll also put the flat side down on some sandpaper placed on a smooth flat surface and will sand it a bit too ... remember it is the metal-to-metal contact that allows the zinc to do its job.
I have one 3"-4" Zinc on my transom bracket. After the first season, about 90% of the Zinc remains, so I left her in place for season #2.
Just be sure to always sand off any "white powder" appearing on the zincs. That is oxidation on the zinc and it can insulate the zinc from the water ... which will prevent it from protecting your boat.