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Sep 19, 2006
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Hey Guys maybe you can help I am looking to buy a parker in the next couple months or preferrably weeks. I really want a 23 to 25 walk around I figured if anybody would know you guys would. Cant wait to become part of the Parker family. Thanks alot
Sounds like you have your sights set on a 2310 or a 2510, so the next step would be to watch the "For Sale" section here, as well as THT and any local fishing or boating boards.

Your profile doesn't show where you are located, but if you are in the Chesapeake region, take a look at the "For Sale" section of Tidalfish

Another option is to talk to your local Parker dealer. Many times the sales staff will know of pending deals where trade-in's are involved, even though the boat hasn't shown up on their lot yet. :wink:

In my area, it is not uncommon for Parkers to be sold even before an ad hits the printer. Make your contacts, put out feelers, and eventually you'll be successful. Word-of-mouth is how I scored my Parker. :)

Good luck!
2310 would be a DV hull and would ride a bit better than my MV hull on the Bay chop (could have used that DV yesterday in the 3' rollers and additional chop from the south wind). She will also be 8'6" wide, which means you don't need a towing permit like I do with a 9'6" beam 2510.

However, the 2510 MV, drifts very nicely without that head-popping rock and roll of the DV hull.

Every boat is a compromise.
when we first decided on parker, we went down to our local marina to order the boat, a 2520 XL w/ a single Yamaha 250 four stroke. it was a saturday, so it was busy. we decided to come back the next day. when we got to the house, we mentioned to our neighbor that we were going to order the boat the next day. he told us that his brother in law had a parker 2530 with twins for sale. in the end, we ended up with a rig we like more than the one we would have gotten anyway, for almost half the price :D

moral of the story... keep your eyes and ears open- you never know what you'll stumble onto!
best of luck!!