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PaulH / Emily S

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Sep 28, 2006
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Freeport, NY
Hi All - My trusty 1995 250HP carbed yamie has bitten the dust. My boat is heavily rigged and more power would be nice. My transom has the single notch cutout.

I'm looking at all my options. I rode on a brand new 2520DVSC yesterday with twin yammie f150s and was impressed. Mid range power is greatly increased, economy is betten than 2MPG across a wide cruise range.

To go with any set of twins I would need to modify the transom cutout. Does anyone have experience with this job ? I know it can be done, I've seen it first hand.

Also, twin 175HP Suzukies are intriqueing, comments ? other options would be the Yammie F300, Suzuki 300, etc.

Any and all comments are appreciated, thanks - Paul F/V "Emily S"
I believe Megabyte posted this link in a previous discussion. http://www.classicmako.com/projects.htm If you decide to install the bracket, we would appreciate pics as the conversion progresses. It sounds like the perfect winter project. :wink:
Paul - Unfortunately, the cost associated with cutting the transom to accomodate the twins, new steering, gauges and controls may not warrant you to take that route. You may want to consider going with a single 300 Zuke. I have no experience with the 300 but I have run a 250 zuke with the past two seasons on my heavily loaded 2520 DV. Fully loaded I run 22 - 23 knots burning between 9 and 10 gallons per hour. However, if cost were no object you can't go wrong with either 150 Yammys or 175 Zukes. If you have any questions about the Zuke feel free to give me a shout.


PS - I also have a notch transom.
If it were my boat... I'd seriously consider a single 300 hp motor.
Yamaha, Suzuki, Etec...
BTW - Has Bombardier released the 300 Etec yet?

Lots less to have to do (rigging, controls, instrumentation, ect...) by staying with a single motor.
I agree with the others. Go with a big single. A 300hp engine should perform adequately on your boat. My bet is that by spring you will see some more options released over the zuke 300, Opti 300 (racing motor), and HPDI 300. The miami show tends to be a place for releases. Most manufacturers tend to offer extended warranties as incentives during the boat show season as well.
Some things I've considered :

1) These boats run/ride MUCH better with twins, I've now felt it first hand

2) The Yamie 300HPDI is riddled with problems

3) I expect Yammie to release the F300 soon. It should be great if the F250 is any indication, but it is still a newbie and possibly prone to problems. Still a strong first choice. Rigging is compatible with what I have.

4) I'm not a Merc fan, period

5) Modifying the transom not that big a deal but combined with twin cost plus rigging it becomes costly (28 -30 K, total with F150 Yammies)

6) If I went for twin Zukes I would opt for the 175s (same size / weight as the 150s). The most expensive option but should have stunning performance and high reliability. Nice to have that speed when the weather permits.

6) The Zuke 300 is tempting / proven. Does anyone know of a 2520DVSC with a 300 Zuke, I'd love to hear the performance numbers ??

7) Etec interesting, but from what I've heard we may see a 400 HP V8 etec before we see a 300. Still somewhat unproven in my mind.

Thanks for all the replies and keep the info coming ! - Paul
Megabyte":1msxxj7t said:
If it were my boat... I'd seriously consider a single 300 hp motor. ... Suzuki
I think a 300hp Suzi would be da' balls on that boat!

Megabyte":1msxxj7t said:
BTW - Has Bombardier released the 300 Etec yet?
Not if the Miami boat show is any indication. They did announce the 7-year warranty deal and I am considering the 250hp E-Tec, as it's only 80 pounds more than my current 225hp motor. The Suzi 300hp would be almost 200 pounds more, but with dual stations I wouldn't upgrade to their electronic contols (probably couldn't afford to either) and I also think 300hp would be an absolute waste of horsepower on my mod-V hull.

I would suggest waiting for the Suzuki 300df or the yet to be announced 325-350 Yamaha four stroke. I am in a similar dilema as am waiting to repower my 2004 Parker 2520xl that is way underpowered with a Yamaha f225. I am on the west coast and have added a bait tank (offshore 55 gallon), a galley, and a 4d battery to run the house electronics and bait pump. The perfomance numbers from the Suzuki website with the 26' Key West boat was impressive with the 300hp df. That vessel is a deep v however weighs less than mine. Best fuel #'s were approximately 3mpg.
Eds Marine has the Suzuki 300df at 16,999 and may be the motor only.

Good Luck,

HalibutRustler - My boat is very heavily rigged, I have two, 4D batteries below deck. A pot hauler that weighs approx 100 pounds, and my cockpit tackle station which is made out of 3/4 inch starboard, 40 gallon livewell, plus the twin anchor setup on the pulpit, etc, etc. They make a heavy boat heavier real fast. A 300 would be nice, but the cost for twins is not that much more and may be justitfied, not sure yet.

Should be interesting to see what new choices appear during the boat show season. Thanks again to everyone and keep it coming. Would be very interested to see a 2520DVSC with 300 HP "anything" to get an idea of performance.
Something else to consider is the horsepower rating on the hull.
My 1996 2520 MVSC carries a max transom horsepower rating of 335 hp, and the DV's of that era were rated for 500.
That was it so far as I know... 2 ratings. One for the MV hull and one for the DV hull. If someone knows different, please correct me.

The present (2007) hull ratings are very curious, as they are all over the map.

The 25SC's with a notched transom are listed as low as 250 hp for the 2520SL (16 degree deadrise), while the full transom 2520XL (16 degrees deadrise) is rated for 450 hp.

The 2520SLD with a notched transom and 21 degree deadrise is rated for 300 horsepower, while the 2520XLD with a full transom and 21 degrees of deadrise is rated for 500 horsepower.
The 2530 Extended Cabin, with 21 degrees of deadrise, is also rated for 500 horsepower.

Todays transom horsepower ratings aren't as simple as they once were, though I'm not sure why that is.
Perhaps a call to the factory might be a good idea if you intend to hang more power on your transom than what was specified by the factory at the time she was built. :wink:

Your situation differs from mine as I have the full bracket. The cost to change brackets was inhibitive. The bolt pattern of the dual bracket is different than the single bracket. One would have to remove the single patch all the holes and then drill new holes to match dual bracket set-up.
I purchased my boat in Sep 2003 and the Yamaha's 150's were not available at that time. Either the Yam 150's or the Suzukis 175 would be my choice if buying new. I am aware Parker only will rig with Yamaha.
The Suzukis I am told wil be available in Jan 2007 and many have orders pending.
The Miami show is aroung the corner so I will wait until after the show to make my decision. Can't wait for the repower and to install Yamaha t8 for power trolling and emergencies.

I have a 2520DV with a single Yamaha 250hp Ox66. It is adequate power for sure and only lacks in a big head sea along with the boat being heavily loaded down with full fuel, gear and some fat fishing buddies.

That being said, if money was no object, I would get the new Suzuki 300hp coming to market real soon. Plan on around $20K to do the swap.
John_Madison CT":2m393je4 said:
if money was no object, I would get the new Suzuki 300hp coming to market real soon.

I'm with you brother! :D

Adding Miracle Grow to my money tree right now... 8)
C'mon money tree.....! :roll:
Hi All - More info has been obtained. I was quoted $25K to hang the Zuke 300 on the transom ! Twin F150 Yammies about 28K, with the transom modification. This twin option pretty much knocks Zuke 300 out of the park(er). I can hang a Yammie F250 for about 16K, Zuke 250 for 18+K.

Still gathering facts.
PaulH / Emily S":36j4733g said:
I was quoted $25K to hang the Zuke 300 on the transom !

Doesn't suprise me a bit.

The Zuke is in huge demand by boat builders hanging them on new transoms. Re-powers always take a back seat to new construction, and the 300 Zuke already has a reputation for being a beast. Beast = little to no discount.

The Zuke will also need all new wiring harness, instruments, and controls which adds to the parts and labor charges on a repower.

I know that doesn't help you, but that is where the market is right now.
Did you happen to price a 250 Zuke next to the F250 Yamaha?
Megabyte - reread the bottom of the post , approx 16k vs 18k. Money / performance differances aside (minimal) , I'd stay with Yammie simply for the support network and familiarity.

Interesting, a reputable Zuke dealer quoted some reports that have the DF300 burning less fuel then the Honda 225 on the same boat, top speed was obviously no contest. Honda has LOTS of catching up to do.

Right now it's spring for twin F150s, or "settle" for an F250 (a little more than 1/2 the price). Also, still need to price out an ETEC 250 for completeness.

Anything new Yamie offers ( 300,325,350) is looking V8, very heavy, and wouldn't be available for awhile. They would likely price out similar/above the Zuke 300. For that money, I'd go for the twins.
I'd be a little nervous about widening the notch on the transom to handle twin F-150s at 460 lbs apiece. That is over 900 lbs of motor on a slightly weakened transom. I'd check with Robin before going that route. I believe all their twins come from the factor with a bracket.

If I were you, I'd go with the single F-250 or the Zuke 300.
Robin send me this, performance numbers for 25 DVSC with F250

1000 4.3 1.2 4.00
1500 5.9 1.8 3.44
2000 8.1 2.9 2.59
2500 9.0 4 2.20
3000 9.8 6.1 1.59
3500 13.3 7.8 1.82
4000 22.8 10.4 2.24
4500 28.2 12.1 2.26
5000 32.9 14.4 2.21
5500 37.1 18 1.99
6000 40.6 21.5 1.84

Not too shabby.

More information, apparently my single notch is HIGHER off the deck than the new twin notch cutouts. My friends new 2520 SLD (DVSC) is lower, the bottom engine bolts are belwo deck, mine are all above.

I just saw a guy who had my single notch , high transom cutout (like mine) , modified for twin F150s. Not really much wider, just tapered out at an angle. They did not lower his transom to do the cut. Not sure of shaft lengths utilized. This may actually be the best setup of all !

For the money ($16.5K, installed) , the F250 is hard to pass up. I was quoted $23K to hang a 250 ETEC. What are they thinking ?
Paul - have you made a decision on your repower? From your last post it appears as the Yammy F-250 it the way to go (ie most bang for the buck)