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Aug 27, 2023
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New to the Parker world, new to boats in general actually.. Have a 96 18 CC and the fuel sending unit appears to be shot. Don't see much difficulty in replacing it, but the one in mine has the center bolt mount wire and 2 separate wires going to 2 separate tangs on the sendjng unit itself. I cannot seem to find an identical replacement of this model

1. Is an identical replacement available.?
2. Do I upgrade to something else.? (with a minimal amount of pain to do so)

Thanks in advance for the help in advance

Parker fuel sender.jpg
The center (pink but very dirty) wire is your sender wire, which is going to your fuel gauge. The other two are grounds. If you look closely, one of them is going to the tab on the tank itself. I suspect the other one is probably going to a battery negative or a negative bus.

To replace the sender, if you find one with a .250” male spade tab (like the one you have now) you can get a double male spade connector adaptor to make it so you have two spots. In fact, I suspect that’s probably what you have currently; either an adaptor or one of the terminals is a piggyback fitting. Try pulling those connectors off and seeing if there’s really two tabs, or if they’re doubled up together.
Thank you very much for that reply, clears up a lot!. I have seen senders out there that have the 1 tang on it and that is probably what I will get, then double up the ground spade fitting if needed (as suggested). Will post the process as we go. Thx again for the clarity.
If you haven't already purchased the new sending unit consider going with a reed style unit. Remove the old sender and measure the depth for the new unit.
Also, although the screw/bolt pattern looks like you could rotate it and the holes would still line up but it wont. It only goes on ONE way. Same with the gasket.
Thx again, can I convert to a Reed style with the existing wiring set up or will I have to cut/modify the present harness.? Most of the Reed setups I'm seeing appear to have a completely different wiring set up.? Thx again for the help
Thx again, still a bit confused (that's easy, lol) on how to wire up the average Reed v. what's there now. The Reed appears to have 2 wires coming out of the little module on top of it, obviously have 3 wires going to the sender now (gauge and 2 grnds) looks like some splicing would have to be done.?


Thx again for all the help here
Did you measure the tank depth? What length did you order? What size tank?
In speaking to Parker I learned that there are different size fuel tanks in the 1801 in the same year. Give the the Hull ID and they can tell you the size and depth of your fuel tank. I have a 2011 and found out my boat has 60 gallon tank with 9.5 inch depth.
Ended up putting in a new Moeller swing arm style (same exact as the defective one that came out) Local guy had in stock for about $40. I wanted the Reed style, but they did not have one for an 8" depth tank and I already had it apart. Super easy install and works perfect. Good enough for now. Thx for all the tips, much appreciated