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Feb 20, 2006
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Philadelphia, PA
This past week Coastal Soda Blasting had the honor of starting my "winter/spring" project. Although, we have always used ablative paint, a decision was made to start over. Coastal did a nice job of removing all the old paint. My plan is to apply an interlux barrier coat in the spring followed by a new coat of Micron CSC. Here are a few shots post blasting.


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    Bottom Job 001 (Small).jpg
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    Bottom Job 002 (Small).jpg
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Dan - I don't have any blisters on the bottom. However, I don't see any downside to apply the barrier coat, kind of like chicken soup....Can't hurt.
When I posted this thread, my intention was to barrier coat the bottom. Well after finding not a single blister and thinking about all the work needed to barrier coat, I changed my mind. I spent this weekend washing the bottom with 202 Solvent, sanding and then rewashing. Today was primer, followed by a coat of green hard epoxy paint. The green will be my base coat. I then put on a coat of black Micron CSC with biolux. I hope never to have to do this again. Every part of my body hurts. Here is a picture of the green coat then the final product. Next week - Wax on Wax off.



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Ageeed, plus any boot stripe is made even more prettier, IMHO, by leaving that 1" border of hull exposed. Looks sweet!
Wow - realy nice work, Brad. Where were you two years ago when I stripped the hard paint off of mine and did a barrier/ablative job?
Great job, the surface looks very smooth. Should even give you some lower drag.

My wife and I did antifouling aerosol on the outdrive and trim tabs and did the bottom paint on a 25' Sunday. Nothing beats blocks unless you farm out the job. We paint the boat on the trailer and feel it after (in stiffness).

I've used ablative for about 5 or 6 years now, and you did it best with two different colors.

Thanks for the compliements. I am still recovering froms spending two days on my back underneath the boat. I never knew I had so many muscles that would get sore at one time. Next project......try to get the boat as clean and shiny as Megabyte.