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Feb 16, 2006
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Lewes, DE
I attended the "2006 Mid-Chesapeake Public Safety Rendezvous" today which was held at Sandy Point State Park.

We had fire, police, Coast Guard, towboats, and harbormaster craft of every description in attendence, as well as manufacturer representation from Zodiac and Metalcraft (Ontario, Canada).

The day started out warm and drizzling, then a front moved through and it turned to rain, snow, wind, and cold.
Still... it was great to see some of the beautiful boats that protect the Chesapeake Bay region 24/7/365.
Some of those boats were Parkers... :wink:

This first boat is a brand new 2520XL (best I could tell) that is owned by the Calvert County (MD) Sheriff. It is powered by a single 300 HPDI and looked to be a sweet boat. Notice the hardware on the boat driver...








This boat is a 1999 Parker 21SE in service with the US Army Garrison, Aberdeen Proving Ground Fire Department, and protects the federal waters in the Edgewood Area (APG South). It is powered by a 150 Yamaha OX66.
The sister to this boat (not pictured) serves the Aberdeen Area (APG North), and is a 1991 Parker 21SE powered by a 225 Mercury EFI.

Please pardon the water spots. It was raining and the photographer was an amateur.




This one wasn't part of the show, but it was in the parking lot... This one is operated by the MD Department of Natural Resources.


As you can see... she is a 'transition' Parker Sou`wester.


(I missed this one in my original post)
Here is a Parker 1801 in use by the Bowleys Quarters Volunteer Fire Dept. (Baltimore County, MD).



Unfortunately, thats it for the Parkers. :(
At least half of the boats in attendence we not fiberglass boats. Marine aluminum was the order of the day with this group. Metalcraft and SeaArk were the most prominent, and most of the boats were pilothouses and diesel powered, though there were exceptions.

If there is any interest, I'll post some of the other boats that were in attendence, though I'd probably separate them into 'fire', 'police', and 'other' because I have so many photos from the day.
Good pictures Kev. It says a lot about Parker to be used by our government agencies. You know the boats must be tough and sea worthy. They certainly arent going to allow flimsy a boat to perform the duties necessary.