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J.A. Veil

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Feb 25, 2006
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Thanks for opening the Classic Parker site. I own a 2001 23 SE that I keep on the South River and use from Love Pt. to Poplar Island and up through Eastern Bay. The boat has a 200-hp HPDI engine that has served me well. I named the boat "Hate to Wait", not because I drive it fast but because I am an impatient SOB.

I'm not sure why the image isn't being posted... :?
But welcome aboard John :!:
I think it has to do with Snapfish's server. I have used Imagestation in the past and it went that way too.

Switch to PhotoBucket and I bet you don't have a problem.
When I made the original post yesterday, I was unable to use the attach-photo feature. I am trying again today.


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There you go John! Looking goooood.

Hey... I know that river! :D
Long live the SRRKC! :wink:
Eminent brother and esteemed fellow parker owner,
Nice picture, I wish I knew how to post photos. I never have figured the whole photo posting process.
Brother Graybeard -

I originally tried to post in a manner that I have used on other fishing sites, but it would not work here. However, this website has a simple Add-an-Attachment function that shows up when you are ready to post a reply. It allows you to browse through your computer to find a photo file then add it to your post. It took a bit of trial and error to get it to work this afternoon. Two things I learned are:

- there is a file comment box where you need to add some text to describe the photo; when I left it blank, the photo would not load

- the first time I tried to add a photo, the size of the file was too large and the website rejected it.

Give it a try. If you have more problems, email me at [email protected].