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Mar 4, 2013
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Anyone have a suggestion on a high quality peel and stick measuring tape? Most I see advertised are cheap paper tape. Thanks
Therese a guy on the hull truth commercial vendor forum selling what look to be a decent ruler made of a metallic material for $10-12.
I picked one up free at a boat show from Seatow. It is a 48' vinyl stick on tape that has been on the boat for 5 years an still looks new. I looked online for you at the seatow store but they only offer 36" tapes now. I think a pack of 5 was like $6.00
Not sure if you want to know true length or just make sure fish are keepers. If the latter, wrap colored electrical tape around every rod at the length of keeper size. For me, in MA, I measure up 28" from the rod butt and wrap green tape around rod. Don't have to fumble for ruler, yard stick, etc. But then again if you want to know the length of the fish that doesn't help you much. I hauled in a 47" cow last weekend, first time anything over 43" and I had to use a yard stick and measure from the 36" point forward. If I didn't have the yard stick on the boat I would not have known length. I am not sure I will ever be in that situation again though.... :).
I used a 48" aluminum ruler from Ace. Just had to get the correct length bolt. I secured to bolt first with a nut to provide some offset, and then used acorn nuts on the ruler itself. Rev 0 without the spacing off the toe kick was buzzy at certain engine RPMs and the lower corners were square, catching your shoe on occasion. Also rev 0 only had 3 bolts. I rounded the lower corners of the rulers (one on each side) and spaced 1 nut thickness outward to prevent the vibration and allow spraying/cleaning access. I also added a bolt at the ends for 5 total. Coincidentally, the distance between hull side stiffeners is 48," coinciding with the ruler ends, and you can measure from either direction since the numbers are printed in both directions.
Probably 30 bucks all in with hardware and rulers, and they are on year 4. Just another option for you.

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