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Mar 19, 2006
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Middletown, RI
Dale - Thanks for getting my account set up!

I'm boatshopping now with plans to get on the water next year. Until then my 14` rowing dory is going to have to make due! My current favorite is a 26' General Marine Downeast Sedan, but at $115K, it is probably beyond my reach. Otherwise, I really like the Parker 2510MV!
Hey Neighbor

My name is Pat, and I am actually located in Bristol, right over the Mt Hope Bridge from you. There is a great Parker Dealer in Tiverton. The guys there are great. They have mostly new stuff, but they also have used boats for sale on their lot too. I would suggest taking a quick ride over there.

Thanks Pat. Glad to hear good reports about Don's Marine. I've already been talking to them. I demoed a Parker 2320 down at Boat's Inc. also. Great shop down there, but I'll deal mwith Don's due to their close proximity even if it ends up costing me a little extra.
I bought my 23 SE new from Don's two years ago and I'm pleased with them to date. The head mechanic is always available and the turn around time is great.