Chesapeake Bay area rendezvous scheduled for August 12th!

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Feb 16, 2006
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Lewes, DE
Well folks, we've actually picked a date!
Well... actually it was picked awhile back on another thread, but this is the 'official' post!

Saturday August 12th 2006 is the day, so lets hope for great weather and light winds! :)
All area Parkers, and all "friends of Parker" are welcome!
This will be a low key get-together featuring boats, beverages, the occasional grilled items, and lots of lies... er, I mean... fishing and boating tales! :lol:

The location will be inside Whitehall Bay, which is on the western side of the Chesapeake, near Greenbury Point, and near the mouth of the Severn River. If the winds are out of the south, there are lots of places up inside Whitehall creek to give us even better cover.

The area is close to downtown Annapolis, but far enough away from the sailboat club races which generally clog the mouth of the Severn on the weekends, to be comfortable. If you are trailering to the event, it is close to Sandy Point State Park which has 22 of the finest boat ramps that you will find on the Chesapeake, and the area is only minutes from Hacketts Bar, which a great place to fish!

This will be the "official Annapolis rendezvous thread", so check in here if you plan to attend! :mrgreen:
Would have done it but will be in Indian River Delfor fmaily vacation.

Three wer rafter up inside Dobbins Island on Mem Sun. I was rafted w/a Bay built. I swam by talked w/ a 2520 XL owner and told him about the site.

Have fun!
Small world duckbutler.
I rafted up with a 22' Grady Tournament inside of Gibson Island on Memorial Day Monday. :)
I've posted a notice to Tidalfish in reference to the Annapolis area rendezvous to hopefully pass the word on to the Parker owners over there who haven't made their way to ClassicParker yet. :wink:
If the weather is good I will come down from Middle River. Would like to meet you all. I will have to double check with the wife and make sure I didn't volunteer for some kid activity. I was reminded last night I was white water rafting with my oldest daughter (12) and the girl scouts next Saturday, she told me I volunteered weeks ago. Dam if I remember that......
Spread the word guys! We're only about 5 weeks away!

BTW- If all goes well, we might have a guest attending from "up north". :D
12 days from now!!!

Invitations have gone out on Tidalfish, ClassicMako, and TheHullTruth.
Be there, or be square! :D

There is much that will be there, that is not now presently being revealed... :wink:
Have you invited Tri-State Marine? Have you invited Robin Parker?

I'm towing the boat up from Solomons that Friday and will likely overnight on the boat somewhere. Once the rendevous is done, I'll be towing back to my driveway were I'll convert from old rusted out drum brakes to shinney new Kodiak disks. Will capture plenty of pics for CP along the way.
Porkchunker":1g91gzdx said:
Have you invited Tri-State Marine? Have you invited Robin Parker?

Yes... and no.
Tri-State will be represented. :)
I hope to be there. My ride may be dirty as she gets hauled afterwards to be cleaned and packed up to take a trip to the Jersey shore the following Friday.