Chesapeake Bay rendezvous weekend report #2

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Feb 16, 2006
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Lewes, DE
Saturday morning we were charged and ready to go early!
Checked the conditions at TPLM2 and the wind was blowng out of the NE @ 15kts, but the forecast had been revised for decreasing winds... so it was game on! :D

Brian and Denise met us early so we were on the boat and headed out way before our 1200 noon start time, giving us time to fish! :D


BUT... Right on time, everyone started to arrive.

Here is a roll call (and I hope I got everyone right!)

Kevin, Mary Jo, Dale, Brian, and Denise on the Megabyte (2520 MVSC)

Anthony, Donna, Stephanie, Rachel on Susqking (2510)


Dave and Jim on the Knot Many (2520 IB)


We were all impressed with Daves big-block IB in a prop-pocket. 8)
Can you imagine this same boat with a 315 Yanmar diesel in there. :!:
If the factory were to offer it again, I'd bet it would sell well.
Boatron told me that Tri-State sold several of these models, and that he believes the factory made only about 17 of them. Truly a ClassicParker! :wink:


Capt Richie Gaines on the Tri-State Marine sponsored 2520XL


Jim and Rita on the La Belle Peche (I hope I spelled that correctly ) :shock:
They came from Havre de Grace!


Ron and Janice brought this brand new zero-hour 2820 from Tri-State Marine, the local Parker dealer in Deale (MD) to the event.


We need to give a HUGE thanks to Ron and Tri-State Marine for bringing the flagship of the fleet, the 2820... along with Parker hats, shirts, and the GREAT Parker flags that we displayed proudly for the event!

Tom and Betsy in their 2320SL (which has no name yet).
I hope I have the right photo here... :?


I took over 130 photos on Sat... so if I get one wrong, please let me know. :)

J.A Veil in the Hait to Wait, a 23SE, the only center console at the gathering... :)


Gary and Shelly in one of the two 'non-Parkers', but very Parker friendly folks! :D They are riding in a beautiful 3070 Pursuit. :wink:
Many thanks to Gary for dropping his hook for us... Once we had 12 boats on my hook, the wind started to move us... :shock:
Between his hook and mine, we managed. :)


Porkchunker (Dave) with his dad (the original 'Porkchunker') in Tinas Diamond.


Greg, Sandy, and the kids in the other non-Parker (but very Parker friendly) boat of the event, a 2550 Maycraft, the B-Faithful.


Rich and Noreen in their 2520 DVSC out of Fishing Creek, Annapolis.


Did I get em all right? :shock: :?: