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Feb 16, 2006
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Newbury, MA
Not all Sport Cabins could do this, but my '92 SC uses 2 rigging ports out the transom, so there was space to add this starboard 4-drawer tackle locker ($50 from eBay ;) ) in the middle. Note the 3-rod teak vertical rod holder with space for pliers and knives. This comes in very handy!

The pull switch to the left as shown goes to the Johnson 2200gph storm/emergency pump and the one on the right is for the combo livewell/washdown. Simple, yet out of the way.

That locker was installed last season, but the hatch below it is new, as I upgraded the 13x23 Tempress Utility Hatch for their 13x30 cam hatch, paying $50 from eBay. Gives me more elbow room to access the bilge and whereas the cover on this cam hatch goes over the mounting flange, its reasonably water-tight and so far ... rain proof, which is all that I care it be.

Yes, she's admittedly not as clean in this picture as Capt Kevin's is ;) ... hmmm, I wonder if he makes house calls ...


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I like it! :)

Hey! What's up with the hasp and lock?
You have theives up there in MA? :D
Megabyte":3bow9rzp said:
You have thieves up there in MA?
You don't down there :?: ?

Security is only keeping the honest people honest or ... making the dishonest ones at least find an easier target ...
Dale, Would you happen to have a photo of that deck hatch in the open position?

I'm doing some research on deck hatches to see what sizes are available... After that I need to decide on how much bigger a hatch will fit in that space without enroaching too much on other under-deck 'stuff'.

Ideally I'd like one a little larger fore/aft to give me better access to the batteries, but it still needs to be sturdy enough to walk on without bowing.

Oh... and it needs to as waterproof as possible. :D

Deck plates are next...
Looking at screw-out Becksons right now. :wink: