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Feb 16, 2006
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Lewes, DE
I happened to see this posting on ClassicMako where a forum member (also a member of ClassicParker) Warthog5 had fabricated a wood flag staff for his boat, that fits into a rod holder.
Very slick, and it sounds like he is going to produce some for sale. Check it out...

FlagPole017.jpg ... C_ID=11059
Warthog (Bobby),

I'd like one for my starboard rear rod holder on my 2520. What size do you think is appropriate? And what size flag? How can I contact you? You can email me at [email protected]

Nice work. I love items for my boat that have a unique story. I'd love to say I bought it from you, and not WestMarine; makes it more interesting!
Production will start shortly.

I'm waiting on one last tool I need.

There will be 2 diffrent size's.

3ft = $65 including flag clip's + shipping

4ft = $80 including flag clip's + shipping

They are designed for flag's that are 12in X 18in & 16in X 24in.

The base of the unit's are 1 3/4in in dia and have a groove cut to pick up on the gimble pin in the bottom of the rod holder

This is a common size rod holder including the rubber liner inside them. Please check to be sure your's are that size.

Contact me @ [email protected]
Nice job Bobby! :wink:
Are you still making them, or is that project on hold?
I haven't had much call for them lately. I have one ready to ship now and plenty of material to make more.

Christmas is coming. Hint-Hint.