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Feb 16, 2006
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Newbury, MA
OK … I’ll start this out.

My name is DaleH from just north of Boston, MA, mid 40s, and I’ve been on boats my entire life. I have my Dad to thank for that! He’d buy an old boat and we’d fix it up in the Spring and live on it as much as we could during the summers. So now I too have the bug! For as much as I like running boats and fishing from them, I think I love fooling around and working on them even more. I used to run a 24’ Pro-Line W/A and while she was good to me, I was looking to move up a bit. I came across an empty Parker SC hull and just knew she had to be mine! My next boat will be a 28’ to 32’ downeaster (think Albin 28 up to a Duffy 32), with a diesel, maybe a straight inboard or maybe to an I/O drive via a jackshaft. Are you listening Parker Marine :?: ?

My present boat is a 1992 Parker 25' Sport Cabin that I bought from Harvard University of all places. It used to cruise Boston Haba [that’s “Harbor” ... for you southerners ;) ] with just a 150hp on the stern, taking water samples for their environmental program. The PhD who led that program left ... and the boat was left pretty much abandoned in a boatyard.

I had to totally refurbish it, as it was literally an "empty shell". All systems like wiring, gauges, electronics, lights, pumps, OB, controls, etc., were dead from neglect, non-care, or vandalism. I bought just the bare hull with windows (unbroken ... thankfully) and then redid everything. I added the wood pulpit, new bowrail, and a custom galley in to the port-side helm cabin with 2-burner propane stove, storage drawers, and sink with water supply.

I modeled it in the traditional “downeast” fashion with tuscan tan paint and teak trim. I did all the work myself. You can also see a lot of other DIY'r hardware on her that I made up, including the radar mast, pulpit, and rocket launchers.

Restored '92 Parker mod-V SC:

Here's a top view taken in Rockport, MA, next to that famous seascape landmark - Motif #1:

Custom teak/mahogany galley, w/ 2-burner propane stove & 15-gal freshwater:



The galley has been updated with teak or stainless (by the stove) washback trim, so its looks really trimed off now. That bulkhead also made a great place to hang coats and raingear :) !

Helm with custom switch panels with red LEDs and backlighting I custom made:


Custom teak steering wheel ($500) made for Italian yachts, that I bought on eBay for only $80!

I’ve since added a color Navman GPS with fuel computer and a color Furuno depth/fishfinder.

Second control station I custom designed and added … it now includes a remote VHF:

Tuna Tower, Spring 2010: 3rd control/steering station to be rigged up this season :) !



She's now sitting in the snow :( waiting to cruise the water again …


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ob1jeeper":23hcpepv said:
WOWEEEEE :shock: That's one FINE looking rig ! ! ! ! :D :wink:

Oh Yea.....! She sure is! :D
Maybe we can find you a new project over here OB1. :wink:
Good to have you here...
Very nice work Dale. Beautiful boat. It will be interesting to see the Parker 32 when it comes out. I also would like to see an I/O diesel with a jackshaft. That setup with an extended cabin would make a great middlegrounds boat for us Floridians.
Per Sal's request, from another post, here are a few more photos of my "big girl" ...


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You have done an amazing job on all the custom work. I think you have the most customized Parker ever.

For your next boat, I would move more towards a true downeast like a Duffy. The new Albins look nice but they are not a true semi-displacement hull. I have fished on a 35 Duffy and a 28 Albin and there is no comparison. The older 26 Albins were true semi-displacement hulls but they were designed for very small engines and you can't repower bigger so they are limited to 10-12kts. There are lots of good project boats that you could pick up cheap and restore just 4-5 hours drive north of you. The Used Boat section of the National Fisherman has some listings but there are many more sitting up in yards with for sale signs in Maine.

Beautiful boat Dale! I never saw this thread before...must have just missed it...oh well.

If you ever saw the movie "Stuck On You"...there is a scene when Walt is telling Bob that he wants to go to Hollywood. It was shot in early March in a snow storm, and the wind was colder than the pillow of my ex-girlfriend. Anyway, it was shot in that very harbor where your boat is tied. I love it up there!

I also have a Proline (1986 21' cuddy)that has been good to me...but, Like you, I am looking to move up.
Dale, that's a very nice restoration and addition. I think the upgrades you've done are outstanding. They look very functional and aesthetically pleasing. Let me know when you're down towards the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel in VA and hook you up with a fishing trip.

ReelTimeCapt <><
Parker 2310 W/A

Hmmmmmmmm, comcast server issues for sig pic upload, so adding here as attachment ...


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Just got this photo sent to me, taken in the 2007 season before I added the black Taco telescoping outriggah poles. Too bad the motor was cut out of the picture ...

Man a boot stripe sure sets off the hull, huh?


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Dale, that looks like it should be a painting above your fireplace. Wow, it's amazing how some photos just take on a life of their own.

That was sure thoughtful of someone.
Edited ... previous server crashed, on new system, updating to add back the photos that used to be there ...


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Adding picture of the custom teak swim platform I added to my big girl ...

Nice name to a beautiful boat
Can you tell me how I can make my weather beat'n teak trim look half as good as Miss Teaks
I know it's been well over three since you first posted this years but that is SWEET!
LOL, at the risk of sounding like a whacker*, I've been searching stuff on and off all day. :lol:

*Given your fire connections, you should understand the full implications of that statement!