Drum to disk conversion -- removal #1

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Feb 24, 2006
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Solomons Island, MD
Finally decided the brakes weren't working on my trailer and pulled a drum to check them out. Lots of rust, and no indication that they were working. First I bought replacement drum backing plates (with shoes and hardware), but decided to convert to disk. Returned the drum kits and ordered Kodiak disk kits.

This set of pics shows the removal of the old drums and backing plates.



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Feb 23, 2006
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Pensacola, Fl.
Here's a FYI for next time you need to get one axle off the ground.

If you will take 3- 2X6X 18in long cut one end of each piece at a 45deg angle. Then stagger the cut's so they line up like a ramp.
Screw them together with drywall screw's.

If you want the front axle wheel's off the ground, then place the little ramp's behind the rear axle wheel's and back the trailer up onto the ramp's. The wheel's will be off the ground on the front axle. No jack needed.

Note: This is for torsion axle's.

Leaf spring axle's have a equalizer bar and allow the axle not on the block's to slump down. This may not have the wheel's off the ground.

With 2 guy's I changed R&R 2 axle's in 2hrs. The only time the jack was used is to drop the axle from the frame to the ground and jack the new axle's to the frame.

This included packing the bearing's on all hub's.
Posi-lube spindle's are so nice.
You can put them together dry and pack the whole thing, no problem.