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Duck/Creek boat 1754 CC w/60 Yam

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Jun 19, 2006
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Arnold, MD - Magothy River
I've always liked High Tide boats and SWMBO has cleared the purchase provided I sell the current duck boat.




2005 Tracker Grizzly 1754 with '99 Yamaha 60 hp (stainless prop) that had a custom floor, rod box and console installed. Boat sits on a 2005 Trailstar galvasheild trailer with a newly installed swing tongue. Motor is mounted on a CMC breakaway plate (just like their T and T plate but has a drawspring instead of lifting motor). The breakaway plate allows your T&T motor to kick up in case you hit an underwater obstruction.


Motorguide bow mount, hand control, 54 lb thurst trolling motor w/BigFoot steering extension.
Garmin 160 Fishfinder with Alumaducer (thru hull transducer that doesn't torn off during duck season)
Guest two bank charger mounted inside the console for 2 deepcycle marine batteries. (Starting battery charges from motor)
All horizontal surfaces are covered with HydroTurf (cool, doesn't absorb water)
boat stuff -16' ash push pole, paddle, spare ComProp, fire extinguisher, compass, 1' ram mount, 12 gal fuel tank, bildge pump, lights, 7lb danforth anchor setup, two (2) 14 lb river anchors, four (4) Driftmaster mounts and rod holders and vertical rod holders
Tiller control arm with trim and tllt and key start for Yamaha 60 (in case you want to convert this back to a tiller setup)