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Feb 23, 2006
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Debary, FL
My 1800 gas fill pipe can barely take a trickle of gas without coming back and spilling all over the gun'l. I don't know the construction of the fill pipe, but I wonder if it can be crimped.

Anyone have the same problem or advice on how to cure it? I hate paying for gasoline on the ground, never mind the environmental mess.

Have you always had this problem, or is it new?

Are you really, really (did I say REALLY) sure the vent is open. There could be just enough crud in the screens that it can't keep up with the fuel going into the fill tube.
This is a 1998 boat, but I just bought it last August. I have had this problem since I bought it. I always thought it was me trying to hurry.

I know the vent is open by the fuel that spills out when the tank is full. I have not checked screens in the vent. Is the vent cap removable?
striperon":iu00p0ms said:
I have not checked screens in the vent. Is the vent cap removable?

The ones on my 1996 model are. They are the black plastic Perkos.
Simply unscrew the black cover, and the screen is inside.
Clean or replace as required.

I'll try to get some photos of mine next time I'm at the boat.
Thank you for the tip on the vent and screens. I will be sure to check when I get home tonight.
The screens may be mostly open, allowing for fuel to spill out. But...they may not be open enough to allow for the volume of air to escape.

For example if you fill with 15 gal of fuel/min, then the vent has to pass about 15 gal (by volume) of air/minute. Some air escapes around the hose nozzle and the fill opening, but the majority has to come out the vent. If the vent is blocked a little bit to where it will only pass 10 gal (by volume) of air/minute, then you will end up with gas overflowing onto the gunwhale. Only way to stop that is to fill very slowly, or clean the screens so they pass the max volume of air.

That's a great woodie your father built. It has obviously had lots of care over the years.

Thanks for the instructions on the screen. I will check it as soon as I get home.
OK, I removed the black cap from the vent. There is a chalky buildup on the sides of the interior of the fitting. I see no screen. What's next?
I am becoming too dependent on you guys, but you hit the bulls-eye with this one.

I removed the fitting. There is a screen that has a very small opening, while the rest of it is plugged with chalk.

Is it time for a total replacement. or can it be cleaned. A replacement isn't all that expensive, but any expense that can be cut ....

I am appreciative of your help, Megabyte and Porkchunker.
I replace my Perko vents about every two years. Every time I fill I unscrew the cover as a minimum.

My fitting has a 90 degree elbow on the inside of the hull. I don't see one in West Marine's or Boater's World catalogs. I have both stores nearby.
I couldn't find a suitable replacement for mine, so I removed it, let it soak for 20 minutes in vinegar, and all the "chalk" salt deposits disappeared in a stream of foamy bubbles. I don't think there is an easier way to clean out the inside of the tube without scraping it with something. It would be impossible to scrape inside that 90 degree bend anyway.

The vinegar wipes out the salt deposits quickly and doesn't harm the chrome finish.

Worth a try if you can't find an exact replacement. It's another annual "maintenance" item.
Found one at another retailer close by. It does not have the cap like the original, but does have the 90 degree elbow


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This looks even better. Less chance to break it off at the dock.


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The Perkos on my boat have a 90 degree bend as well.
You can see the vent going through the hull in the photo below.
The vent is the item located behind the Icom CommandMic.


It has been awhile... but I have bought replacement vent screens from my local West Marine.