Fishing a cable to transducer on 23 DV CC

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Jul 10, 2006
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Marblehead, MA
My new (to me) 23 is a 2000 model that had been used in NC and had an old Lowrance GPS/Sonar. Short story is that nobody makes the chips anymore for my area and I had to replace.

Ofcourse, neither the old antenna nor the transducer fittings work with the new unit (Lowrance 26C HD), so I have to re-rig. No problem with the antenna. Did that last Sunday.

However, the transducer cable runs from the transom, under the deck and comes up into the center of the console. Looks like a tight fit. Is there anything I would be wary of before starting my "fishing" expedition to change out the cable this weekend?
I did the same when I got my 21 DVCC. I used the old transducer cable to pull the new one through. If you get stuck, don't force it, try pulling it back the other way from the other end and going back and forth to try and work it free. If you have a small video or digital camera, it might help to take some pictures of the rigging tube so you can see what you are dealing with - and most importantly getting the cable started on the best path. It sounds silly, but it makes things a lot easier to see where you want to run the cable, and also what might be blocking it.

-- Tom

Thanks. So you think there is a tube vs. just a series of holes at each cross member? I was going to use the old cable as a guide with a backup fishing line attached very securely in cae the new cable gets disconnected.

What I was concerned about was any info about how crowded or intertwined things can get on Parkers.


There is a tube on my '99, see attached:

-- Tom


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No tube on '03 23CCDV but...really easy anyway.

Start by opening bilge hatch, fish wire (in flex conduit) over top of gas tank (open sending unit cover), by hand.

Tape piece of house wire or 1/4-3/8 tubing maybe 6' long and fish wire/tubing to balck rubber boot in console. Remove 4 screws and lift up boot (no need to completely remove). Feel around and pull up fish.

Takes longer to type than to do :D

by the way, this is an ideal time to convert to AirMar tilted element transducer. It goes directly across keel from factory raw water p/u. I messed around with transom mount for 3 years, never satisified, loseing bottom, spray, etc. The TE has been flawless. Good price and service at Boat Owners Marine at THT site.
Don't forget that you can use a special lubricant to get the wire to slide easier. You can find it at any electrical supply store. It helps eliminate friction and sticking or "stiction". Use a multi-strand synthetic twine (again, available from electrical supply houses) to do the pulling and be sure to leave a length installed for future pulls. Fishing line would be prone to twisting and cutting other wire. I have helped electricians pull wire countless times here at Scout Camp and they are your best resource for this type of activity.
Thanks guys! Will let you know how it goes.

I already purchased the transom mount transducer, wo I will give it a go and see how it does...