Fueling trouble? Check this out, may help.

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Aug 16, 2019
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I figured I would fill up my tank before they found an excuse to raise it to 6 bucks a gallon. As usual, I have to sit there and hold it because the trigger will kick off if I use the lock. I usually just suck it up and blame the emissions bs.
Anyhoo, tonight after trying the lock 3 or 4 times on the slowest flow, I swapped the nozzle around 180 degrees(ish). It then proceeded to run wide open and locked for 50 gallons!
Could be a fluke, as I never stopped and restarted, but what have y'all observed? The pic is the successful flow arrangement. I basically tried to point the snout in the direction of the tank fill point.

Explain this one more time... so we want the gas pump handle on the inside side of the boat perpendicular to the rail?
Picture where the pie plate is to access the hose connection of the tank. Point the nozzle at it when filling. It worked for me and a few others. You may have to experiment with yours.

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