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Jun 24, 2006
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Southern, Maine
OK, I know ... Too Good To Be True ? I've got eBay on my other screen, and I'm poking around looking at electronics. There are several of the FURUNO GP-1710C COLOR GPS/WAAS GP1710C units for around the $900 range, new in the box. I've had mostly good results with eBay, and one bad, but is this a good deal ? I'm not as up to speed on the Furuno as the Raymarine. I'm guessing it's one series old, but still a navnet version. Kind of like the difference between Raymarine C and E series ? I'm not sure if I can post the link to the auction ? I might buy one in preparation for the new Parker next year !!! 8) Oh Great Ones, Please Speak Now !
if its a furuno, its a good unit... we love the ones weve got (radar, chartplotter, ff) and theyre five years old 8) ONE WORD OF CAUTION: if you can, check with the police in the area that the individual is from- make sure the unit isnt "hot", there have been alot of thefts going on lately. get the serial nuber and give the cops a ring. you might be missing out on a deal, but its gonna make somebody's day to get their stolen elecs back and the person who took em behind bars. not saying this is necessarily the case, but i know of a couple cases in my area that were solved like this. remember, on ebay, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is :shock:
That's a great idea. I found 3 sellers with the same units that show from the New Jersey - New York area. They claim to have several new in box. Hmmmm ..... 8)
Foggylink":l3n8143g said:
That's a great idea. I found 3 sellers with the same units that show from the New Jersey - New York area. They claim to have several new in box. Hmmmm ..... 8)

It is very common to sell from an e-bay storefront and have the items shipped from a wharehouse. I've made any number of purchases and they have been legit. By checking their feedback you can see what they sell and how much of it.... I wouldn't by something like that if the seller has only sold a handful of items and they were unrelated to the current item.

Ask the seller questions....

For example:

http://cgi.ebay.com/FURUNO-GP-32-FURUNO ... dZViewItem

This seller has only 25 feedbacks... and they are almost all purchases... for the most part he doesn't sell.

Here is a different seller who sells a lot of marine electronics... they are certainly coming from a wharehouse... lots of good feedback. I would feel completly comfortable buying this.

http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/FURUNO-G ... 4708QQrdZ1

If you don't feel comfortable buying it that way.....

I just happen to have one new in the box:




New in the Box from the Manufacturer!

Product Number: GP-1710C

Compact, waterproof 7" VGA LCD display
Provides accurate GPS/WAAS data and outstanding charting capability
Sunlight viewable 7" VGA display
Color screen holds up to bright sunlight conditions to clearly display buoys and other chart details.
Features an intuitive soft-key interface that is user-friendly and easy to use.
Utilizes Navionics Classic charts in the NavChart format
Use either as stand alone dedicated GPS/WAAS Chart Plotter or
connect to other NavNet component s for additional features.
With the connection of a single cable, you can connect the GP1710C to a NavNet Radar series, allowing you to display the Radar picture on the GP1710C.
Connect up to four displays together using an ethernet hub.
Turn this unit into a fish finder by adding the 600W BBFF1/1kWBBFF3 network sounder.

I'll sell it for 999.00 and you pay the shipping. :D
1) Check out their references including clicking on all recent feedback by sellers and buyers
2) Only do business via credit card
3) Keep copies of ALL communications

As stated before, instead of Miss Teak in reality my boat should have been named Miss eBay :shock: ! But I too was stung once on eBay too, but thankfully I had the CC company behind me.
Thanks Guys, I quess I was only scratching the surface about that item. So is that a good price ? I thought they were a fair bit more money, but quite a few seem to be showing up. Just left-overs from past few years ?

esfishdoc ... I'll see what the Warden says, I may contact you 8)

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