Handling school tuna

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Capt. Ronnie

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Feb 24, 2006
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Wrentham Ma.
I'm on a few other fishing sites quite a bit, and some of the guys posting pics of the small (under 47 in curve of the fork measurement) and what these guys are doing to land the fish has has me really pissed off!
For the most part of the pics here, they look good!
But if you have a fish on and have it at the side of the boat, and there is ANY question weather it's going to make the 47 in to keep,
Please DON'T gaff the fish and kill it !!!
And also be carefull lifting the fish anywhere near the gills as they are very fragile and once you get your had in there and they bleed, they are as good as dead!!!
We boga grip the lower lip being extremely careful NOT to grab the tongue (which sticks way up to the front of the jaw) and grab the tail simultaneously to lift it horizontally into the boat.

A quick picture, and it's on its way back over the side with a quick revival session, and back to "school" it goes!