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Jan 24, 2007
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Hello all, in looking into the purchase of a 23' SC I was sent here, what a fantastic site!

Thanks to everyone many nagging questions have been answered before I post more of the same old questions. My use would be primarily bottom (grouper/snapper) fishing here in southeast NC, from 15-40mi out, 50mi on exploratory fair weather days. Would this use put a bit of fear in any current 23' owners??

Also a question about the recent model changes. From what I have heard, they took the cabin structure from the 21' and now use it in the 23'. Plus is a bit more space out back, minus to me is the helm area with very little space to mount a serious DF, and supported by a stick and a few bolts. I much preferred the old set-up! Anyone have some examples of electronics layouts with the new helm design?

Has anyone orderd with the ladderback helm chair, and do you have the ability to specify the pedastal position that fits you best? The standard seat leaves a lot to be desired!

Thanks for reading, I hope to not become a pest here with additional questions.

Welcome to the site.

A 23' is certainly capable of off shore as long as you pick your days. If off shore is your most often type of fishing a 23' is not what you want. In fact a Parker (unless you get into the 28', or the rumored new 32') is not generally considered an off shore boat. They are primarily a coastal (bay, sound, 3 mi EEZ) area boat.

There was a guy over on www.TidalFish.com (Goldman) who often fished his 23' DV CC off shore for tuna. He was here on CP shortly after we formed the site to sell that boat. Haven't heard from him since. You may be able to contact him over on TF and get some info on his offshore experience. There are also some 23' owners here on CP who may have some experience offshore.
we run a 25' offshore all the time 60mi+, no problemo 8) . pick your days, watch your fuel and get all the safety gear. about the elecs, i agree that the control console is pretty small, but you can roof mount some. im sure somebody has a creative soultion, were fond of those on CP :D

by the way, welcome aboard!!
I fished up to 16 miles off of L.I. NY on nice days with a 23 deep vee sportcabin just watch the weather even after you are out there it can change fast.


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Thx for the replies. I am a weather hawk, not to imply I would ever take a 40+ mile run lightly. There are those flat calm summer days that just beg for a bottom drop further out just to see what sort of creatures are down there. Seems like the west coast guys are used to much longer runs than I would normally do?

A buddy and I have been running a 25' C-Hawk for this type of fishing, which is fairly heavy w/inboard deisel power. The boat itself is simply disintegrating though, and w/ I think 14 degrees of deadrise not the best ride. Pick your days and go slow if need be.

The 23 SC seems an ideal replacement given my budget. Cost effective and a better more fuctional ride vs the C-Hawk, and much better range.

The cabin changes really bug me though, not sure if a DF with more than a 5" screen can be mounted.
wolffpce":1e786oy8 said:
Thx for the replies. I am a weather hawk...

A buddy and I have been running a 25' C-Hawk for this type of fishing, which is fairly heavy w/inboard deisel power. The boat itself is simply disintegrating though...

Can you explain, or show via pictures?
The most serious problem is the hull to deck/cabin joining, which is (was) joined with screws through glass and is separating. The cabin structure in particular is held together more by gravity than anything else. When underway sitting in the cabin you can see a sheet of water streaming down the inside of the hull. The cabin structure itself has a lot of painted wood which is rotting badly. The boat is very heavy and has gotten progressively harder to plane, which I attribute to water soaking into wood stringers that are not well glassed over. This is not mentioning mechanical (especially electrical) issues.

Stainless through-bolted hull to deck attachements are mandatory for the next vessel, that and simplicity. No 2nd helm, windlass, etc. for me. Just more to maintain and eventually replace!

I also have a weight-gaining problem on my 2510. It is composed of excess lead jig heads, too much unused fishing gear, and JUNK. To correct this malady, every winter I strip the boat down to the fiberglass (cushions even come home), wash, winterize, and install the winter cover. In the spring, I sort things carefully before placing them back onboard. But despite my best efforts, over the course of the season, she gains weight again. :D :D :D
Funny! We have the opposite problem - start the year with 100lbs of lead, 3 anchors, 75' chain, "emergency" provisions which slowly but surely get donated to the sea floor and otherwise consumed.
Welcome, Wolffpce!

I also fish SE NC (out of Southport), and have been fishing Parkers out to Frying Pan Tower for 7 years. Currently have a 23 DV CC, same hull as you are looking at.

Just got back from Islamorada. A commercial fisherman commented on the smooth ride, other comments ranged from "Is it a 26 footer?", "Heavy boat!", etc.

Cannot think of a better offshore hull, in its' price range, than the 23 Deep Vee. After 4 years on this boat, it seems to get better each trip.
FF, how dry is the CC? Do you have an enclosure? I like the CC too, but from what I can see you can't get the 23' CC without the forward seating like on the 21' or 25'.

I've looked at the 23' Regulator too, I like the open bow version, but that boat really needs twins $$$.
wolffpce":foj60n4k said:
FF, how dry is the CC? Do you have an enclosure? I like the CC too, but from what I can see you can't get the 23' CC without the forward seating like on the 21' or 25'.

I've looked at the 23' Regulator too, I like the open bow version, but that boat really needs twins $$$.

23DVCC is very dry. I do not have curtains. The Deep Vee allows me to go fast enough to "outrun" the side spray usually blown in back half of the boat.

A few years ago Parker discontinued the "foreward seating delete" option. I whined and whined and got my '03 built without the seating :D . Since then (about '06 I think), Parker has re-introduced the "foreward seating delete" option. It is mentioned at their website.

Got'Cha on the 23' Regulator. If money was no object, the Regulator would be my first choice. As it is, however, I can not think of any better boating value than the 23DVCC...'course I might be prejudiced, I've owned 3 Parkers. :wink:

I can remember when I had to explain to others what a Parker was. Now, people compliment me on my boat.
Thx, I had not noticed the delete option. Still torn though, in the summer I absolutely want a CC, but it seems that by the time you add a t-top, enclosures, etc. to make it a year-round boat I may as well get the cabin. Other options I would want are pretty similar. I'm trying to stay under $60k before adding electronics.

You have a 225? With 600lbs less vs. the cabin, seems like a good choice?
225 is "acceptable" power. I would really like the 250. I'm pretty sure $60k is plenty for a 23DVCC ready to fish inc. electronics.

What do you fish for and how do you fish? Most of us in SE NC fish live bait for kings. You'll have a hard time throwing a net off the bow of a cabin boat, not to mention chasing a king, dolphin or sail around the cabin...almost impossible.
90% of what I do is bottom fishing for grouper. I'll troll moving from ledge to ledge, or just searching an area, but just a cigar minnow on a skirt. Also usually have a "light line" out while anchored, which will just about always put some kings/dolphin in the boat. I just have never gotten into the trolling thing, to me just not enough action but then I never really learned much about it! There is just nothing like getting on a good gag grouper bite.

The open CC would get my anchor gear out of the way. I would box off the front to stow 500' line, 25ft chain, anchor ball, spare anchor/chain. This set up would still give me much more open fishing space vs. the SC.

On the SC this anchor box would be up against the starboard bulkhead, eating up space. But I'd have a cabin to stay dry/warm!!

Tough choice, I have to buy something I'm going to be happy with for many years.
Here's a third choice. Take a 23 cabin boat and add an observation tower/steering station (as a flybridge) as money allows. The California and Florida guys do this and it looks great. Check out the "Its4Reels" listed in the For Sale and Wanted section.

You'll have weather protection in winter, fresh breeze in summer, increase your fishability and do it on your financial schedule.
I've made some pretty long runs and have overnighted quite a bit at the local islands as well. We did 50+ mile runs more than a few times last summer. The tower comes in handy searching for floating kelps offshore as well as spotting breaking fish. Here are some links to some pics:
http://www.allcoastsportfishing.com/for ... 5436&page= and http://www.classicparker.com/phpBB2/vie ... php?t=1212. I love the boat and the Yamaha 250 is sweet. Wife gave me the OK to look for something bigger with a galley and an enclosed head. Not in a hurry to sell but if someone serious puts $63K in front of me I would sell.