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Feb 27, 2006
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Va Beach
Any advice the CP family can provide on installing a TH transducer on new 2520xl would be greatly appreciated. The boat hasn't been delivered yet so I haven't been able to take a good look at the hull area to date(inside or out). If I chose to let a pro do it can anyone recommend a good mechanic in the Little Creek area (Norfolk/VA Beach)?

Capt Tim
Soon to be "Trilogy"
Welcome aboard Capt!

I just did that upgrade on my 2520 MVSC - actually... my dealer did the upgrade. :wink:

I ran the last 2 seasons with an Airmar P66 transom mount transducer hooked to a Furuno FCV-600L, but I decided this winter to swap out the P66 and move up to an Airmar "Tilted Element" through-hull transduder.


The 'ducer was installed this winter while she was on the hard wintering over in the dealers storage lot, so I can't give you 'installed' photos or performance info yet. Maybe within the next 4 weeks... :)

12º tilted version
(for 8º to 15º deadrise) ... 491&page=1

-- 20º tilted version
(for 16º to 24º deadrise) ... 491&page=1

Good luck!
Thanks MB..appreciate the response and personal insight. Just to add a little more info to my original question..I plan to install a C80 FF with DSM300 sounder and bronze TH w/ fairing. Until I get a look inside the deck plates and estimate the hull thickness I won't know for sure what transducer to buy or where to place it. Any additional info on recommended placement or correct make/model is greatly appreciated. TKK
Let's start with the power of the FF. How many watt's?

I told Kev to install the Airmar Tilted Element unit his self, but he chickened out. :) There is not a simpler unit to install. No fairing block, just a 2 3/8in hole to drill.

I put one of the first one's in, at least that anyone on severl diffrent forum's that I know of and gave pix's and a review on it.
It went in a '88 25ft Mako, hooked to a Furuno 600L like Kev has. It's paint's a perfect pix at any speed.
Good question... My budget and personal preference points to the RM C80 MFD w/ DSM 300. I understand the DSM 300 sounder to be compatible with either 600 or 1000 watt transducers. I want to compliment the system with a compatible high performance ducer that is properly installed for maximum efficiency. Since I only get one chance to get it right I am leaning toward a 1K bronze TH transducer. Am I on the right track?

How about proper hull placement? This is my first TH..previous boats have all been TM. I assume the manufacturer will provide generic install instructions but I'm looking for real world advice from fellow PArker owners.

Thanks for the input...please keep it coming. TKK
Trilogy, After doing the research, I selected the transducer I wanted, the Airmar 'tilted element' which is a flush-mount unit (no faring block).

Since I wet slip my boat, I opted to let my dealer do the install since the boat was being stored for the winter on-the-hard at their facility. Since they are a Parker dealer and have done hundreds of similar transducer installs, I figured they would know the optimum point in the hull to place the 'ducer.

I'll let you know in the spring if my trust in them was a good call.
I would like to know more about that transducer, looks easy to install, does it give you depth and temp? I would like to install to replace my TM ducer, I have the Garmin 182C, I think that is the modle , but any more info would be great ! What does wet slip mean ? keep your boat in the water ?
Tara, Here is the product info...

Flush Housing 200/50 transducer with Built-In Deadrise Compensation

• All the benefits of a flush mounted housing:
-- no fairing
-- minimal drag
• Ensures vertical beam for:
-- accurate depth performance
-- excellent echo return at high speed
• Two separate models:
-- 12º tilted version
(for 8º to 15º deadrise)
-- 20º tilted version
(for 16º to 24º deadrise)
• Includes Temp
• Right angle cable exit
protects transducer
cable from damage.

Model B60-12

Uses the Mix & Match cable system. Please specify depthfinder cable desired below. ... 491&page=1

I believe that Warthog5 installed one on Hammertimes boat, so you might want to PM him for an opinion.

Here she is in her slip...

I just ordered the thru hull transducer, will post pics of the install, but will not be for a few weeks, unless I get a wild hair and do it faster ! Got it from BOE Marine ! Thanks for the tip, I have always not liked the TM ducer, now will have to repair the screw holes on the new boat ):
tara11":d9xpcqse said:
now will have to repair the screw holes on the new boat

Bobby can help you with that. It isn't difficult.
Looking forward to the install photos. :wink: