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Jun 7, 2019
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Virginia Beach
Born in 1995, she is clean and well maintained with a rope rub rail, modified V and a reliable newer 115 Yamaha with low hours. Considering Parker only made a handful of these over a short stint of time, I'm wondering the value of the boat. Any assistance with gauging the price tag for this unique craft would be greatly appreciated. Thanks yall!
Not quite enough to go on here. Some pictures would help to gauge condition, accessories, etc. Two or four stroke motor?

I paid 13k for mine about six years ago, in pretty rough shape with an 06 ETEC 115. It was probably overpriced, but it was the boat I wanted. With the additions I’ve made since, the price tag would be much higher now. So it really depends on the details.
Good point, thank you! I will gather some pics but accessory & condition-wise, I'm throwing out an 8.5 out of 10 on hull and interior:

*after market white coaming bolster pads on interior bow rails + matching cushions on seat and back of front CC storage box / stainless bow rail / tall stainless leaning post bench-seat with rod mounts / extra storage cooler box under leaning post / one small soft spot (about size of basket ball) on deck that hasn't grown in 8 years / stark white appearance throughout with minimal to no chalking / black bottom paint / 4 stroke in great condition / two new Parker stern decals / new Garmin bow speakers with AUX and Bluetooth in CC / Garmin Nav & depth reader / stainless helm / gas line modified to exterior on-deck 10 gal tank (internal tank clean and empty) / khaki sunbrella style stainless Bimini top that extends over half of the hull / bilge stays dry as a bone all the time / everything on-board needed to pass any tests they'd throw at you ...ready to roll.

My gut (with what little bit of research I've gathered on these 17's) is telling me a fair price might shake out to roughly $15k ...but I'm just not sure if I'm over or under shooting it.

THANKS again for any thoughts.
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I second what Tomc585 says. I have a 94 17’ and have redone the entire boat, including a brand new fuel tank and every wire. F115 with 200 hours. She’s worth at least 15 if not 18