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Welcome Bill; you're website is inspiring. It just rocks. You will fit in great here 8) .

Seeing more and more west coast Parkers; I guess they are cutting into Osprey's turf.....
Nice ride!! I'd move up in a heart beat if Parker would start making a 2810. Doesn't sound like they are planning to thou.
Hi PorkC. No, I decided to give up some other toys and not sell her. I just recently changed my web hosting provider so my pics and rigging info are down right now. I hope to get everything back in order in the next few weeks.

Good to hear you kept her.

BTW, you indicate she was the last one made. I thought you were one of the first to take delivery. I didn't realize they had such a short production run on that hull.

One of the sales reps from Tri-State Marine, here in Deale, MD showed up at our Parker Rendezvous in Aug with a 28 SC. Nice looking boat. Guess they are still making a 28 SC, but not your particular model?
Welcome aboard Bill!

The 2820 that Dave spoke about was brought to the Annapolis Rendezvous this past August by Boatron and Janice. You can see photos of it in the Regional Rendezvous forum, or by going here:

Dave... Bills boat is a 2830. The 2820 XLD is the one still in production.
http://www.parkerboats.net/pages/boat_d ... p?boatid=4

Not sure why the 2830 isn't still being made. I really like the layout and the features on Bills. :wink:
Dave, my boat was the first 2830 on the west coast. There was supposed to be one other to come out that never made it. Mine ended up getting a delayed delivery waiting for engines from Yamaha. There might have been one or two more delivered on your side of the states but my dealer was under the impression I got the last one. From what he said, they were sold out for the next two years after mine however they were only tooled up enought to make 5 to 6 2830's a year. I'm guessing it was not profitable enough to continue. The 2820 and the 2830 share the same hull though.

Kevin. The 2820 is selling as fast as they can get them out here. I got to play on one for a couple hours here at the local dealer. It is a beautiful boat.

the marina near my house in DE has a 2820 in their showroom lot... its a sweet boat. i go down there every other week and pretend like i want to buy it just so i have an excuse to climb aboard and look around :D . that cockpit is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!! i really think i need that tower. a few years back, they also had the first 2830 on the east coast in stock. i guess they sold it to someone, it was a really sweet boat as well