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I like these two replies...

One post with minimal info, a shot at the Mfg. and....... offline.....

It's like tossing a hand grenade over the wall and running like Hell

Where have we seen this pattern before??????

and this one...

Only decent photos can overcome first post skepticism

Pictures = credibility

A cracked Parker is the equivalent of a chicken with lips.

"A cracked Parker is the equivalent of a chicken with lips." :mrgreen:
Priceless. :D
a comment by "Afishinado"...

"No problem, all Parkers have the same cracks, some Grady Whites, Regulators, and Albemarles have the same ones, causes the wood transom and stringers to rot out. Probably a problem with all North Carolina boats.. Buy only boats made in Florida as the are all perfect."

(I'm pretty sure this is tongue in cheek sarcasim, too funny!)

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Yea... that thread is so out of control that I'm sure that afish was just injecting a little sarcasm.
I'm not touching that thread! :shock:
Too funny!

From "fichtion"...

"I have learned you do not f$ck arond with Parker owners. They are just as tough, maybe toughter, than the regufountcontengulator group"

Now I don't care who you are, that's pretty funny. :lol:
I read the entire thing. It is clearly an impact damage...well outside of the control of Parker Marine.

It appears to me that the previous owner hit something, had it repaired and sold it. The new owner, not suspecting anything, had a survey, where the surveyor didn't detect it. The bottom was immediately painted, and the damage shows up three years later. Or...the new owner was the one who caused the damage, and is trying to find some netcitizen support to pressure Parker into fixing it for free. In any case, Parker is not the problem.
I would love to know what happened. Can't believe he hit something. The damage is halfway back on the horizontal part of the hull, symmetrical on each side. Looks like fork lift damage, but suprised a fork lift could penetrate hull. Don't agree with trailer damage either, as someone posted, would've destroyed trailer first.

Maybe hull was dropped from about 20 feet on 2 large pieces of rip-rap? :?
Had trouble figuring out the pics the first time through. After looking at them again, I'd have to say they were from a forklift, and not from striking something. Regardless, a 5,000 boat teetering on the ends of a forklift will cause damage in about any boat. The Parker factory is probably the right place to get it fixed (cut the deck, remove the tank and foam from the compartments, fix from both inside and outside, and then redeck). Parker builds one hell of a tough boat and hull. You can't hang this on the way the boat was built (e.g., warranty), only on the way it was handled after it left the factory.