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Feb 25, 2006
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Frog Mortar Creek
Last Sunday the boat was in the water and my wife and I went for our first ride of the season. What makes this special is that last fall I did my first winterizing ever - easy with an outboard. Sunday, when to Parker started within a fraction of a second after turning the key, and everything worked, I felt like King of the Parkers.

We went out and around the Middle River area. Did I see another Parker out that day? From a distance, it looked like one going out mid afternoon.

I hope this is a good omen for the season. Now, for some.
It could have been me you saw. I left Frog Mortar Creek around noon on Sunday. I took my 2510 down to the Magothy and will keep it at my sister's pier for a few weeks during trophy season. I will be back around mid May.


It probably was you heading out. Nice day for a ride, wasn't it?

Good luck with the fishing. Don't forget to name your boat.
It was a nice day for a ride, one foot chop all the way down. Hopefully fishing will be good. As for naming the boat, these things take time (Thats what I tell my kids)

Will you be doing any fishing?