Just a 50yr that wanted a Parker Pilothouse

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Feb 23, 2006
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Pensacola, Fl.
The problem was I couldn't afford one and had only seen a couple in the Pensacola,Fl area.
When I finally did find a 25ftr to look at, It was not for me as my requirement's needed to be one that could be trailerd easy. The 10ft beam killed it for me.

Still I have a love afair with pilothoses styled boat's and a NE style Lobster boat is what I drooled over. The problem there is they were to slow.

The 23ft Parker Pilot's were not available back then and I've still actually never seen one in person.

I ordered the plan's by Tracy O'Brian for the Alfred W.


After I got them and saw what the material's would cost to build just the hull I changed my mind.

I knew whare a 23ft Mako center console was at a decent price.
So I took matter's into my own hand's and built a custom pilothose. I had how it should look in my head. No funky looking box just stuk up there. i term that as a Dog Box that anyone in a weekend could bag togther in a weekend. Yuck! As Dale say's "Life's to short for an Ugly boat"

It had to have flowing line's. It needed to look like it was going 50mph, when it was sitting still.
With the help my my engineer brother, I convayed my ide's to him as to how it should look. he took that and drew it in a CAD program. We had a close but still rough draft by then.

I think I like the building process just as much as using a boat and fishing.
I mean who in there right mind would turn down fishing trip's with their buddies to stay home and grind more fiberglass?
You have to be a "little" excentric.







Once again, that is one sharp Shark! 8) Well done, Bobby!

All of the handmade custom FG parts you've made for that project never cease to amaze me.....
WOW!!! You are to be commended for the artistry of your work. The damn thing looks like a factory job, not a diy'r. I'm amazed at your quality craftmanship and I humbly bow to your magnificence!!!

Also, is that your garage? What I wouldn't give to have a garage like that.......
Welcome to CP Bobby! Its good to see you here.
That Mako pilothouse is certainly a work of art.

For anyone who has not read the X-Shark project pages, take the time to do so.
I've gotten a ton of ideas for my boat by following Bobbys build-up.


The folks over at CM have tolerated me (a non-Mako owner) for a long time as I've
followed all of their project build-ups. You don't have to own a Mako or a Parker
to share good project info. Good ideas can translate to any boat. :wink:

My project this coming season is to get my electrical system to be half as nice as X-Sharks. :D