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Mar 6, 2006
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Swansboro N.C.
I have a 2000 mode 1801. My boat has a swing-seat/live well set-up and I would like to replace it with a leaning post with a live well. Anyone have any ideas? Pictures?
If you can get your hands on a Parker Catalog take a look at the options in the back. Many of the Parker CC boats have a leaning post w/ 30 gal live well as an option. It comes complete with four rod holders. It's a nice looking set-up. I'm sure your local Parker dealer can order one for you directly from the factory or recommend a local manufacturer. I will attempt to add the photo...


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Here is a pic of my leaning post / livewell setup.

-- Tom


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anyone change out the live well? i have the same one in the pic and the lid always falls off or the tabs become very loose????and other ideas other than the stock seat/leaning post live well combo
Looks like that set up could be used in place of the captains chairs I have now. I keep looking for a leaning post that could be installed over or in the pedestals I already have. The search continues.......

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