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Mar 22, 2006
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Franktown, Virginia 23354
Howdy folks.

I've been away from here for awhile. One reason is my obsession for deer hunting takes over around November and the other is a back injury kept me from wanting to launch and load the boat.

Well there are 4 deer now in the freezer and striper fishing is starting to call me.

As I'm faced with fishing this December and January (ocean rock) and even wreck fishing I'm wanting to go ahead and purchase the liferaft I've promised I'd get. (another 2-3K on something I hope I'll never use.... ouch)

I'm open to suggestions as to style: canister vs. valise

Have any of you seen a good canister mount on a 2520? I'm thinking it would go on the roof behind the radar as I don't see it going foward.

Pictures would be great if you have any of a pilothouse with a canister mounted liferaft.

As always, thanks for you help.

Rich: I have a 4 man Valise raft I bought from THT vendor LRSE. It was used, but came freshly repacked and vacuume packed, which means its good for at least 3 years.

I keep the raft under the berth center aft cushion. It is in view at all times, and easily accesible.


That is certainly a consideration. I would consider a roof mount as I'm accumulating so much stuff in the boat..... I'll likely make my purchase from LRSE and I've got a post up there also..... I just need to get it done!

im also considering buying a life raft for my 2530. it will probably go on the roof as well, but bear in mind that i have another 3 feet aft of my radar than you do (extended cabin). if you have a new parker brochure, which if you dont they will be glad to send you at this link, there is a picture in the collage in the front of a 2530 with a roof mounted raft. it looks pretty good
Just ordered the Plastimo 6 man offshore + in the canister to be mounted on the roof....

Should have it in about a week.... I will post pictures on the mounting process and final product.

The liferaft with cradle and hydrostatic release and shipping comes out to 2700 and some change.

Hopefully if I ever use it I'll be able to write the story!