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Feb 16, 2006
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Newbury, MA
Finally here … Classic Parker gear!

Click this LINK in red: Classic Parker Center Console Gear

Or, click this LINK in red: Classic Parker Walk Around / Sport Cabin Gear

Right now we have t-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball jerseys, mugs, steins, and other misc CP gear. We are also looking at exterior quality labels (weather & UV proof), burgees, and custom embroidered polo/golf shirts. Stay tuned or ask a question in this Parker Gear forum.

All funds generated go to pay the site hosting fees incurred by Classic Parker.

Thank you!


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It has been awhile in the making...
We're particular about our brand. :D
Only thing missing is the burgee. I'm mounting a second/spare Galaxy 9' antenna. US Flag and the classic parker burgee could go on one, and my current TidalFish burgee could go on the other. :D :D :D
Have you guys received any of your ClassicParker gear from Cafe Press?

Curious what you think of the quality, etc.. and whether you are happy with it or should we look for alternatives?

-- Tom
Tom... I got my stuff and I have to say that the inks aren't bright... but the do last after washing, so that is a good thing. So long as you get the white tees, the logo looks great!

I'll be ordering more tees soon. :)

Is there an option on CafePress for sleeveless tees? We wear a lot of them here in the summer. :)

I'll be placing an order later in the season for sweatshirts. :D
My credit card is already sweating! :shock:
I could not help myself so I took the credit card out for some exercise. I purchased two sweat shirts, a t-shirt and a shirt for my son. I can't wait for the goodies to arrive.

Thanks for the feedback.. I got a gray T-shirt, and like you said, it wasn't bright, but I think it will last a lot longer. It just looks like its a "classic" already :)

-- Tom
You know, I think I bought the one and only polo shirt and yes, the red color wasn't the brightest. But, I wore it to work on casual day and many people commented on it. Perhaps we should offer this thru Cafe Press provided people know it is not a shirt of the quality of a Lands End or Izod polo shirt.

Me thinks I should get someone to snap a picture of me wearing it ...
My Parker Gear arrived! As everyone said the red is not very bright, but looks very nice. I purchased a long sleeve T, and two sweat shirts. I purchased a baseball shirt for my 6 year old and he is as happy as can be. In fact he is sleeping in it right now.


Remember purchasing this gear is for the benefit of this website. Please support "Classic Parker" buy making a purchase.
I received the utility bag and mouse pad the other day and I believe both are good quality. The utility bag will be used to transport some of the 'stuff' we take every time we go to the boat. digital camera, handheld GPS, weather radio, cell phone, cherry twizzlers... 8)

The mouse pad will go to the job site. :)

Lets see... From the new items, a couple of sleeveless tees for me and a spagetti tank for the Admiral. :D
Somebody stop me! :lol:
Hooded sweatshirt, Basbeall jersey, coffee mug.......

Yee Haaa. Sorry it took so long for me to order something Dale.
ParkerSal":29rg7yuf said:
Sorry it took so long for me to order something ...
For keeping your Parker ... I should give them to you :) !
We're glad that you hung in there with us Sal. :wink:
Enjoy! :)
miky2884":2lolsbcs said:
how do i place an order??? Got the boat time for the gear

See LINKS in red in the 1st post on this topic :) .