My gas gauge/trip meter is reading back garbage

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Feb 23, 2006
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Debary, FL
The gauge hasn't quit, totally, but it isn't reading the fuel. Some of the "pixels" have black, but it means nothing.

How do I determine if it is the gauge or the sender? I am a do-it-yourselfer for all but the toughest stuff.
What brand is the gage? Yamaha (what year and what motor?), Navman, some other brand?
If you have "always-on" scattered black pixels, then the thin-screen membrane below the glass has taken a physical hit or has been scrambled by a power surge. Most likely the guage, not the sender.

BTW, a guage is easier to change out than a sender in the fuel tank (although not by much).

It is a Yamaha gauge, 130 HP engine, 1998.


I then hope it is the gauge, I like easier.

I had a cover over the console for several weeks while I was traveling for work. We had plenty of rain while I was away. I wondered if it had taken on some moisture, and perhaps had a short.

Probably not rain/humidity, but if there was direct sun on the cover and the temp under the cover was high enough, it could have caused some damage to the thin-film membrane that creates the pixel image.
Thanks, Porkchunker. I will be finding a new gauge. I hope it is more durable than the old one.


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