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Nov 27, 2006
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Churchton, MD
Was able to start work today on new to me boat.
It's an 89 Parker 25 Sport Cabin with a Yamaha 200 2 stroke.
She's a single owner well babied boat thats been in storage for a couple years since the owner passed away suddenly....boat was lift kept it whole life and then drydocked and shrinkwrapped the last 2 years.
It's amazing how dirty a boat can get when it's taken out of service because of a bad situation and then no-one pays it any attention.

Started today cleaning the old bottom paint off (3 layers), and a good buildup of hardened Chesapeake Crud. used a pro-grade pressure washer and it just stripped the old stuff down to the primer coat. see the pic, left side is B4, right is after !
Great thing I REALLY hate sanding!!!
lso swept up a bit and started on the interior crud (including an active wasp nest in the Vberth under the stbg gunnell). I hate Effin wasps!!!

Also will be adding a rocket launcher and a swim platform (the Anchor insists), and as the works as budget allows a windlass and trim tabs.

I will be posting pics regularly as I get her back shipshape and in the water - Opening Day is coming fast!!!

Am also keeping a journal as I do this project.

BTW - My 2004 1801 CC is on the market (see my post under sale or wanted). Any reasonable offer entertained !!


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When you get ready to clean out the leaves and the leaf stains, use Soft Scrub with Clorox and add additional Clorox. Brush it on, scrub a bit, and let it sit for 10 minutes. Finish with a liberal sprinkling of Barkeeper's Friend and add some scrubbing. The Soft Scrub and Clorox will remove all the old leaf and mildew/mold stains, while the BKF will remove the rust stains.
Already started cleaning up the leaves, after i zapped the D@!# wasps!, and found that they havnt really stained except for in the scuppers where there was moisture. The rest are just dry, I guess they blew in from around the engine shrinkwrap.
Good luck with the clean up. She really looks to be in great shape with a lot of life left in her. Please keep us updated with your progress.

goinsfishin":1g1r0b7q said:
It's an 89 Parker 25 Sport Cabin with a Yamaha 200 2 stroke.
200 ponies will be fine on that hull provided you pitch the prop correctly to get the motor to spin up to a few hundred off it's MAX RPMS @ WOT.

In fact, with a lower pitched prop, your hole shot will be better than a comparable boat wearing a 225hp OB and few inch steeper prop!
The day I went to see the boat I eventually bought, my brother-in-law (on the right in the photo below) looked at me and said, "She needs a bit of attention." :)


That was an understatement. :shock:

The bilge was full of water from 'storage' sitting on the bilge float switch, and she had a half-inch of ATF floating on top of the water from the leaking trim tabs.

"Nasty" doesn't begin to describe how bad she was. :)

A shop vac, a gallon of Simple Green, a couple gallons of bleach, and she will be as good as new! :wink:
Finished Power-washing the hull today, cleaned up real nice....will have to hit it with a light sanding B4 repainting, but what a great savings of labor !!
2200 PSI took the old stuff off big time.
Spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the cabin interior, what a mess!!
Did find a couple bags of spoons, jigs and swim shads along with various hooks, leaders and mono line so a little bonus.
Interior cleaned up real nice, not a blemish scratch or any old mounting holes that have been filled. Really good shape under the dirt.


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Megabyte":3j49tww8 said:
my brother-in-law ....looked at me and said, "She needs a bit of attention." :)


Errr.. Kevin.... I think he was talking about the Admiral..... :shock: :shock:

I've seen "that look" before... defiant stance,,, arms folded in front of her... 8)

body language is transparent......

She' thinking.... "Holy Smoke!" "What did Kevin drag home THIS time?"

And now... you've got the most sparkling Parker on the Planet!! Gives us all a goal to aspire to.

Happy New Year!
New batteries, checked the electrics, everything works except the cockpit lights and the bilge pump is wired incorrectly - float switch to switched current not to battery positve.
Installed new water pump impeller kit, piece of cake. A lot easier than an old tub I had with a mercruiser sterndrive.
Installed new plugs, will fire her up for the first time in years tomorrow, weather permitting.
I love this unseasonable weather !!!!!!
Fired up engine today, crancked right up and settled down to a good idle...ran up OK, let it run for a few minutes then shut down. Dont really trust mufflers a lot.
Over last 2 weeks have checked electrical and troubleshot and repaired problems, got all lights and electrics working.
New fuel lines anf racor filter.

Need to do some final sanding and new bottom paint and then it'll be splash time
Finally a little warmer....Shrinkwrap off !!!!!!!

I went today and cut off the shrinkwrap, was out of stuff to do with it still on.
Got the nav lights working (some corrosion on the bulb and socket), installed the swim ladder platform, lowered the transducer on the transom so it sits correctly, and removed some old non-used screws and repaired the holes that were left.
Also remounted the anchor light and the GPS sensor.
Busy day!!
Tomorrow new bottom paint and I'll be ready to splash !
Here's a pic without the wrapper.
Excuse the dirt but it's on the list.


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With the cover off, I finally got to see where your rear station was situated.
I like it!

There was a 25SC Parker Sou`wester in my creek this past summer with the rear station situated like yours. Maybe that is where Parker used to put em.

I don't like the forward mounting that the factory does these days, so when I had my rear station mounted last winter, I put mine about mid-cockpit. Not as far back as yours, but further back than factory.

This is where the factory puts them these days.


I think the position further back gives better visability and utility.
Let me know after you splash how you like where yours is mounted. :wink:

Here is where I placed mine.


Hey Kev, one of these days can you post a pic where your boat actually has some dirt on it (the one above doesn't count)? Dang, that is the cleanest rig I've ever seen. Nice job! :D
The camera has a tendency to hide a lot of flaws. :)
But thanks... I do spend a good bit of time trying to keep her strak.

Many of the photos that you see were taken after a day of 'maintenance', so they do tend to be taken when she is at her best.

Maybe this coming season I should take some before-and-after shots... especially after fishing a tourney.
You should have seen her blood and puke covered decks the day we got into some Spaniards and Blues trolling #0 Drones off of TPL! :D
I like the position of the steering station, it's situated just the right distance to be able to sit on the rear seat and still steer, will be great for trolling this spring.
I'll let you know how it pans out in practice.

Got the first coat of bottom paint on today, couple more and it's SplashTime!

BTW - if I ever get it half as clean as kevin's it will be completely by accident.
goinsfishin":u16vahho said:
BTW - if I ever get it half as clean as kevin's it will be completely by accident.

Not possible, although many men have tried. It's similar to the quest for the Holy Grail.

Funny, we still like to encourage others to try.... I think it's that "eternal hope" thing.

Another coat of bottom paint on today.
Gave her a good scrub down bow to stern.
Hard to believe how much dirt accumulates over 3 years, even with shrinkwrap.
Final coat of paint tomorrow and Splash-time next weekend !!!
Splashed !!!!!!!
Beautiful day today....Special thanks to my friends who helped...
Got Sandpiper off the blocks and on a trailer, dropped her at Matapeake State Park on Kent Island (nice ramp but a long backup downhill).
Sandpiper ran like a top, Bay was 2+ foot wind driven chop till I got in the lee of the Western shore near Thomas Point, from there a straight shot with mild seas to her new home in Deale.
Still got lots to do but now i'm not driving 37 miles each way...Yahoo!!!


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