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Dec 26, 2006
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Hello, my father and I are seriously considering a new 25' Parker and I have a few questions.

Is a 250 yamaha 4 stroke enough power for this?

If we do have a the 250, what is the cruising and top speed. I am getting conflicting opinions.

I love this boat, but why on earth is there no live well? Any suggestions on how to install one?

Any help would be appreciated as we will probably make our decision fairly soon. Thanks
Define "enough power" by stating what performance you expect and need from a boat. you may also want to clarrify what 25 hull you are looking at. The 14 degree hull, 16 degree hull or the 21 degree hull.

I do not need rocket speed, it just seems to me that this boat is pretty heavy and will it be efficient and economical with a 250 on it
Parker makes 4 boats off the 25' 21 degree hull. I would not consider any of the 4 with less than 2-150-4 Yamahas. My 23' DVCC has "acceptable" power with a 225-4. The 25' DV is typically an offshore boat where 2 Yamahas would be desired anyway.

The 25' DVCC comes with a live well. The 2 cabin Parkers and the W/A have livewell as options, I believe.
i have fished extensively on a 2520 with a Yammy 250 and Suzuki 250 4 stroke. Both have very acceptable performance. top speed over 25 knots.

For comparisons sake, I've got 450 ponies on my 25 Grady. Wouldn't consider any less than 400.
we have twin yami 150 two strokes on our 2530 (granted, a bit heavier) and have never regretted having twins or the amount of power. it also depends on where youre going to use it (e.g. offshore vs. coastal) if its offshore i would go with twins for the security. and, if it comes time to sell the boat, (god forbid) a twin engine model is going to sell better than a single engine
I would agree about the potential safety factor of twins when traveling offshore. You may not be correct bout the in resale advantage of twins, particularly when it comes to Parkers. The single engine 25’s are among the most seaworthy and economical boats of their size. Granted, this is in large part due to their deadrise, which will make your ride slower and/or more uncomfortable. But as the price of gas (likely) increases, the cost of a deeper deadrise and twins becomes more of a factor. Last season up here in Rhode Island there was a significant drop off in the number of powerboats you saw out there (in the open water) as the price of gas went up. :(
I have a 2520 MV w/ 066x salt 2-stroke Yamaha When I got it, there were no trim tabs so the boat was somewhat sluggish, and a gas hog. I put 9x24 trim tabs on it and it now has more than plenty power and speed 37mph tops 3900. and gets 3 times the gas mileage. I think a 250 Yamaha is plenty of power and speed and economy if boat is eguipped properly. But if your offshore much that second outboard is some nice security. :) speaking for a MV hull
drvan, you may be right... i dont know, it seems to me that down around here, there's alot of single engine parkers 25s (not alot-alot, but comparitively) sitting in used yards, but not too many twins. also, most of the ones i see on the water have twins. granted, this may be because down here, theres not much inshore (as in bay) stuff to be done w/ a parker. we take it away if you're not using it offshore hah jk :lol: 8)
If I had it to do all over again, I'd probably have gone with the single F-225 and the 9.9 kicker that the dealer recommended.

I can't get up on plane or even stay on plane (once up on plane) with a single F-115. A single F-115 won't push my much faster than hull speed (6-8 mph) anyway...about the same as the 9.9 kicker.

So...unless a single motor is big enough to bring the boat up on plane, the benefit of twins over a single and a kicker diminishes rapidly.

Someone here recently repowered a 25 hull with twin F-150s (a 2510 I believe). Does that boat get up on plane with a single F-150?
For anyone who is unaware,
The Yamaha F200 and F225 is same motor, different computer chips that allows the 225 to get higher rpms, thus the extra 25 hp is at over 5000 rpms.
The F250 is a whole different motor!!!
I've got a friend who rigs boats/ motors and dynos motors .
The 200 & 225 motors are overated horsepower,
while the 250 is underated !!! puts out more like 268hp according my friend who has dynoed all 3 motors!
You might want to go to the top of the page, access the Memberlist, and PM Capt Wayne Morgan and ask him how he likes the F250 on his 2520 DV.

I believe he just finished his second year with the new power, so he should be able to give you real-world numbers on that combo.