New Hardtop and Curtains for my 92 2310W/A

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Sep 2, 2006
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Norfolk, VA
Folks - I finally got ReelTime back from the Top guys and boy, is she sweeet. M and D Tops in Chesapeake, VA did a great job on the hardtop and side curtains and it will come in handy as we start fishing fall striper around the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.

I also made good use of the down time as you can see and replaced the fuel and water vent pipes with those new stainless ones that you all recommended.

Last, I pumped and cleaned my fuel tank to switch over from MTBE to E10 and did a few other long awaited projects like replacing the orginal fresh water wash down pump. I had to take the side panel off to get to the fuel pump and back side of the vent pipes. I had to take the seats out to get to the side panel. Then I noticed how worn the deck surface is...

I'd like to go ahead and paint the deck with a new coat of factory spec deck paint, but I really need to go fishing. I need a fish-fix real bad <>< : )

After fall striper I plan to add a new live well, coaming around the gunnels and additional seating for my guests.

Best Regards to All,
RTC <><>


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Thanks Dale. I'm hoping my wife will put a Raytheon 2kw Radar unit and Todd Electronic Box in my stocking for Christmas! -RTC <><
Wow... nice work! :wink:
That top and enclosure is sure going to make it nicer for you at the CBBT when the weather kicks up.

You'll love that hard top and me... :wink:

Sweet upgrades.

I am very happy with the conversion I did from the old OEM vents to the new SS Orca vents. I can see now why the Orca vents are now OEM. Glad my thread on changing the vents was helpful.

BTW, I was down at the CBBT over the Thanksgiving holiday period, and plan to go back from 8-14 Dec. See you on the water.
Hey PorkChunker -Thanks for the info on the flush mount pipes. They work great!

By the way, if you wnat to ride with me when you're down in December, r looking for some Help Onboard, please let me know.

Even if you are not, give me a shout and I'll do my best to give you the low down on what's hot so that we can put you on fish!

Best Regards,
RTC <><
I've seen the Reel Time out off Cape Henry in the past. She'll look sharp this winter! Nothing like some new curtains to put the shine back on board. :wink:

See you out there when the big fish show up!