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Aug 2, 2006
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Hi guys, I am thinking about buying a 2520 xl with f250 yam. My only concern is this enough power for this boat. Some people think not. How do you like these boats?


Welcome to our little (but growing) Parker world.

Lots of folks run that same rig with 225 ponies and seem to do OK. Remember, that with a 16 degree deadrise, you aren't going to be screaming through the chop. The F250 on that hull should be fairly economical also, and in the days of $3.50-$4.00 a gal gas on the water, sipping that liquid gold becomes important.

I have twin F115s on a 2510 with 14 deg of deadrise. They will cruise the boat faster than the Ches Bay chop will allow most of the time. It is only on those occassional days where the waves are less than 1' where I wish I could cruise at 30 mph. But, on a normal day I get about 23-25 mph @ 4,200 rpm, and between 8.5 and 10.0 gph depending on motor trim and tab settings.

One/more folks with your desired setup should be able to chime in here with some accurate, first-hand figures.
I have a 2520SL with a Yamaha F250 (pergaps a few hundred pounds lighter I guess, due to no bracket). I love it and thin its perfect for my boating area: Central Jerey shore up to a few miles out and Barnegat Bay in general. Again, she goes faster than the chop will allow comfortably and is economical.
To Newbie...I have a 2520XL with a 225 . IMO this is enough motor for my desires. If I wanted to go faster I would have considered another boat. The Parker 2520XL is the finest fishing machine for my money. I fish in the Florida Keys, both inshore and out to about 30 miles. On higher sea days I dont want to go fast anyway. On a calm day , with three on board and a full tank of gas I have reached about 38 MPH with a little left. On the reef and beyond it is much more stable than my previous two deep V CC's. I bought the boat used so had little choice on the engine, but in a year have had no regrets. YOu should have no problems with the 250

Good Luck
2004 2520XL

"Connie Jane"
Newbie, I've got an XL with the 225F Yammy and it's enough power for my needs. A 250 would be even better. Do yourself a favor and take an XL for a ride with the 250 before you put your money down. What one man considers adequate power isn't enough for another. The only way you can judge for sure is to run the boat yourself. WOT I get 33kts. At 4600rpms I get about 22-23kts. I checked your profile, but don't know what area you're from. If you're in the Connecticut area, you welcome to take a sea trial of the XL on my boat with the 225.

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